Game Rentals Appear On The PlayStation Store

MP1st - It seems that Sony may have sneaked in a new feature to the PlayStation Store.

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Nitrowolf21677d ago

Wow it's true, tried it out. Seems like this was a mistake, but it might be coming sooner than later. Also this is apart of PS Now (i'm not in the beta), when you look at your download service it says "Catherine PS NOW"

KendrickLamar1677d ago

This leads to the ultimate question that is, what's going to be the price for rentals, and are there going to be special rental deals on PS Now for PS+ subscribers?

TomShoe1677d ago

PlayStation now and VR potentially at GDC?

Consider me hyped.

inveni01677d ago

I think PS+ members should get 50% off.

fr0sty1677d ago

@kendrick, I saw an image posted for PS now where week long rentals were free and buying access to the game was like $10.

Here it is:

Venemox1677d ago


In a sense, PS+ is rental service. At least the games you get at no extra cost.

You get PS+ > Gets access to certain games until subscription (rental) expires. Not that much different tbh.

Putting another rental service within a rental service just seems weird

Giul_Xainx1677d ago

This idea is currently being pushed forward? Looks like the Playstation Advisory Panel WORKED!

This idea came about pre-PS3 launch. While I am a bit worried about what this might do to the gaming community... at the same time it seems that Sony is on the right track to win over its consumers again. This will be a massive thing in 4 months... That is if the price is right to fit consumers wallets.

Immediately Gamefly and Redbox come to mind as the companies who may be in some trouble with this.

guitarded771677d ago

Sneaky, sneaky Sony. This very much interests me... wish Sony would do a blog post detailing what's going on. I guess this is there way of testing the service and not having it overloaded by people trying it all at once.

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elninels1677d ago

Sneaked? Its snuck man, come on.

KendrickLamar1677d ago

Here we are talking about the future of Playstation with this amazing rental service, and here you are talking about grammar....

Way to kill the vibe man....

KarateExplosion1677d ago

Aha! I get it! B$&4 dont kill my vibe. (Kendrick)

oldassgamer1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Actually, sneaked is perfectly fine, and is the traditional past tense of sneak. Just sayin' :)

Back to my games...


While you speak the truth, The users of n4g sneakeded to your post to got you disagreed

liquidhalos1677d ago

There's also a saying that people used and still use quite often, I sneaked a peek. It's all good. :P

dragonyght1677d ago

lol good reference there +1 bubble m8

for those who didn't get it

Angeljuice1677d ago

Sneaked is English, snuck American (although also now used in UK), it happens a lot.

If you drag something in the UK it was dragged, in US it was drug. A burglar burgled a house in the UK but burglarized one in the states. A diver dived in UK, but dove in America.

InTheZoneAC1677d ago

are you shure it's snuck and prolly not sneaked? I mean are language is hard, you'de think after years of being in shool they will learn something in english class.

those red writing corrections are'nt for you're health

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JoGam1677d ago

Question is how long is the rental for?

windmill1451677d ago

The screenshot shows 2 options, 1 day rental or 7 day rental.

Raf1k11677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Would make sense to have 2 day rentals instead of 1 considering the time it could take to download a game. Also the fact that people would probably want to play it over a weekend.

Another thing that would be good is the ability to pay for a rental for a particular day in advance and be able to pre-load the game so it's ready when your rental time starts.

abzdine1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

1 or 7 days according to the different pictures..
it is a very interesting move from Sony. i can for example rent a singstar for one day to play with the friends a saturday evening, or just rent whatever game for a day to make sure it's something for me.
Best place to play!

Cable2kx1677d ago


I think works like the movie rentals, where it start from the moment you hit start / play

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TAURUS-5551677d ago


thank you sony ¡¡¡

Fantangoooo1677d ago

pretty sick that play station has taking this initiative. But 7 day free rental is abit much dont you think?. Some people could finish that game in a day!. lool aka me.

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bobsmith1677d ago

I hope it comes out for new games I want to rent south park and dark souls 2

TheFanBoy1676d ago

So you think it could be 1 day free rental and 7 day charged rental?

XiSasukeUchiha1677d ago

Yep the future is Playstation ( Sam from Lonney Tunes gun firing)

MegaRay1677d ago

Stick to sasuke's dialogues please :P

bleedsoe9mm1677d ago

that explains the delay getting this update out

showtimefolks1677d ago

this could be a huge killer app for sony, Imagine a instant game rental service. Let's see, a lot of possibilities

ddgaming8201677d ago

Would give Gamefly a run for the money.

Dat free price doh.

lashes2ashes1677d ago

True but gamefly would still have a advantage with the fact you can keep any game with a discounted price.

badz1491677d ago

@lashes2ashes can keep any game or simply anything with a discounted price with PS+ too, you know. what become inaccessible when you stop subscribing are only games in Instant Game Collections.

showtimefolks1677d ago


That option could be added day one

let's see though the potential is there