New Star Citizen Video and Artwork Show Revolutionary AI and the Making of the Avenger

Star Citizen is already $200,000 past the 40 million goal achieved a couple days ago, and Cloud Imperium Games released a few new and very interesting assets.

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young juice1732d ago

even with its its social funding success i still feel like people are sleeping on this game

webeblazing1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

this a console site mainly a pro sony site. plus pc gamers dont tend to hype up every game like the second coming.

on topic they are bringing a lot of up in coming devs in with them. the ai sounds like they are solving a lot of problems. i want to see how the fps enemy ai going to be.

the guy said it so much coming out of this game the tech is going to effect other engines and games. but i hold off to my hype when i play it.

Panthers1732d ago

Exactly. This game is getting plenty of attention on NeoGAF. No PC game gets much recognition here.

Flavor1732d ago

Looking at the individuals in this video I see incompetence and distraction everywhere. Forty million dollars so a bunch of adult children can play around with 3d Studio max and buy top shelf coke the rest of their lives.

Anonagrog1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Where exactly did you see incompetence and distraction? I have a hard time believing you really think that based on this video, not to mention all the other ones, where I'm seeing nothing close to what you're seeing!? :|

PotatoClock1732d ago

What other insider videos have you seen of devs working?
They have displayed a video of devs working on their product. They're obviously not spending money on pointless aspects like brushing up a web video to make people think that working as a developer is all glamour. To judge their working ethic by one video shows your foolishness and quickness to dismiss them as frauds.

screecwe1732d ago

I can see incompetence in your ability to perceive the world around you.