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Darrin Wright has played Respawn’s monumental multiplayer shooter. Can it stand tall among the greats?

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alb18991773d ago

Is just a fantastic game and it will sell more than people think.....just my friends a me bought yesterday, hot, hot for XONE.

Allsystemgamer1772d ago

Me and all my friends bought it for PC sooooooooo what's your point

p0tat0stix1772d ago

I enjoy attempting to make it to the drop ship after losing a match...much easier said than done, and it felt like a small victory in the midst of a loss.

Pure fun though. Recommend playing with friends rather than solo because no one seems to communicate...

alb18991772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

It doesn't reflect in the total sells of PC.
When you see the sells of TITANFALL next month you will see that XONE will sell 6 times or more than PC.

And my point is that a game like infamous that is SP won't sell as much as TITANFALL, no matter the 6million of ps4 that already are in the streets because one of my friends buy it......the others wait......that is my point.

Clown_Syndr0me1772d ago

All things are relative, and right now Titanfall in comparison to other console FPS' on offer is right up there at the top.
Whether it will remain there is yet to be told.

ramiuk11772d ago

it is a great game,the bollo*s about only possible on xbone for cloud was silly and complete lie.
EA are seriously kicking themselves because it would of been just as good or better on ps4 and they have lost a lot of money.

Audiggity1772d ago

Respawn had a specific set of requirements. A lot of them grounded in the web infrastructure. Either platform was capable of having Titanfall. In the end it went to MS, that was Respawn's choice, not MS' checkbook.

It shines too, I don't know if I've ever seen such flawless online operation during launch week. And it's only going to get better.

4.5 hours in with a single frame dip that was hardly noticeable.

ramiuk11772d ago

Respawn didnt have a choice.
EA made it for them

Audiggity1772d ago

So, beyond all of the articles and blog posts explaining Respawn's logic for making the decision to go w/ Xbox - where is your source of information that shows EA forcing them into this decision?

Whitey2k1772d ago

EA sucks anyways like they care about sony and the ps4 all they have been doing is having there heads up microsofts arse since the start of this gen I hope activision go ps4 and ps3 exclusive that can do similar game to titanfall but better

fractured741772d ago

I've been playing all day,it is good,very good but a 9.8 it isn't.A fair score would be between 8 and 8.6.