Who says the JRPG is dead? Bravely Default debuts with 200k sales

Square Enix's newest IP, Bravely Default, appears to be a hit with Western fans: The game, which debuted on February 7, shifted over 200,000 units to players in its first three weeks on sale -- that's when you count both physical and digital copies, says Nintendo, which published the title in North America.

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knifefight3755d ago

Good! This game deserves its success.

They could have sold more, too. It was sold out in a lot of shops where we went looking.

Akuma073755d ago

Well this is the best JRPG to release in years.

SteamPowered3755d ago

Hey man, do you find the main characters incredibly fay? I can hardly tell the difference between the boys and girls. Other than that I really like the combat.

Pozzle3755d ago

It's good to see this game is doing well. I was worried it wouldn't do very well.

TomahawkX3755d ago

Nice, hopefully Nintendo will give X the same treatment without fans having to beg.

Question_Mark3755d ago

I think they learned their lesson after Xenoblade Chronicles. Actually, that might be why Nintendo localized Bravely Default, since it seems Square Enix wasn't going to.

zero_gamer3755d ago

On handhelds jRPG's are alive and strong, but on the home consoles it has seen a long drought but it seems to get better. The Tales games on PS3 are well received and render pretty good sales.

otakukidd3755d ago

Your right about that but its kinda a self fulfilling prophecy though: Classic turn based games sell great on portables nowadays and not conosles. Its true because they dont make classic turn based rpgs for consoles anymore. If bravely default was for consoles it would have sold if not as much or more. but they wont make them anymore and just look at this and say its cause its on a handheld.

AD7053755d ago

I know right? xenoblade and valkyria chronicles were the only jrpgs I liked on consoles

Godmars2903755d ago

I hate that when this subject is touched upon, any comprehension that its JRPGs on *consoles*, not handhelds, that's the issue.

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Square Enix hopes to continue the Bravely Default series, but will take a few years

Bravely Default 3 could come to fruition as series producer Tomoya Asano has indicated in a new interview that the series will continue.

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Metabeard1022d ago

Bravely Default 2 was a step backwards compared to the first two games. Story was not nearly as good, quality of life features reduced to bare bones nothing. The grinding required is about 10 times worse then previous games. I have no idea who was behind the ideas but they basically went. What made the first games so great. Okay remove that.


Bravely Default 2 is Coming to Steam Next Week

Bravely Default 2 is coming to PC through Steam next week.

Outlawzz1031d ago

Already got this on switch but can we get the first two on there, haven't played those


Why Bravely Default Had a Better Opening Than Bravely Default 2’s Story

KeenGamer: "While Bravely Default 2's story provides an uncannily similar opening to its predecessor, the original possesses a few key features to give it an edge. From the narrative, to the introductions of characters, this article summarises the distinctions in the game's openings that puts the original on top."