Cosmochoria’s Nate Schmold on getting ready to launch on Kickstarter

You might remember our article on Cosmochoria’s name change a while back. Well, we have some more news as developer Nate Schmold is about to take his project to the next level on Kickstarter.

In Cosmochoria, you play as a tiny, pink, naked man in a jetpack whose mission is to plant seeds on planets in a dead galaxy, bringing it back to life. Of course, this isn’t easy, and you’ll be fighting off giant space monsters all the while.

The graphics are adorable — cute, Katamari-ish cutouts — and the boss designs we’ve seen so far are very eye-catching, resembling Chinese dragons. And, of course, there’s nudity! In space! What’s not to love?

We caught up with Nate via email to ask him a few questions about what we can expect from Cosmochoria‘s campaign.

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