Glutton for Punishment? - Gruelling Games like Dark Souls 2

The gaming community has gotten surly in recent years, claiming that gaming has become marketed towards a more casual community leaving the hardcore sect out in the cold when it comes to game difficulty. This marketing, in turn, has made modern games easier that hand out rewards for every little stupid thing. In order to market to the lucrative casual market, it is claimed that developers neuter the challenge that more dexterous gamers felt so proud upon completing in order to reach a broader audience. These complaints, as well as the popularity of games like Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 have led to a bit of a revolution among game developers. Many developers have embraced the challenge of creating challenging games targeted specifically for hardcore gamers, the kind that result in thousands of virtual deaths, broken controllers and kicked puppies. So after the hundreds of creative deaths brought on by the recent release of Dark Souls 2, here are some games to quench the thirst for a decent challenge.

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