inFAMOUS: Second Son: Sucker Punch Firmly Denies Visual Downgrade since E3; Details FX Technology

InFAMOUS: Second Son Tech Art Lead Jason Connell has a lot to say about the game's lighting and effects, also denying that the game has been visually downgraded since E3 as some alleged.

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Kayant1680d ago

People claiming *DOWNGRADES* in lightning were clearly not looking right (Or them goggles) if they couldn't see the time of day was different.

Abriael1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It's not like I didn't say that from the very start, but some just don't listen.

GarrusVakarian1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Pretty much everyone said it was due to the time of day and the lack of direct sunlight causing lack of brightness and vivid shadows. Now here it is, straight from the horses mouth.

But like i said earlier, some people just want to hate the best looking open world game and possibly the best looking next gen game so far because they can't play it themselves.

"Downgrade".....HA! All you have to do is watch gameplay and look at screenshots/GIF's of the most recent builds to see this game looks better than it ever did in any of the previous builds. Proof -

E3 build-

Most recent press demo build -

Final build (spoilers)-

*looks for downgrades* Nope, none.

Wow, the game even has light pollution, that is incredible. Looking out my window at night, i can see the light pollution on the horizon in the direction of my city centre. I've never seen that in a game before.

Ezz20131680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

you didn't but as you can see fanboys need to believe any thing to sleep better
they called it downgraded when any one with eyes and working brain would know it just different time in the day

this Downgrade Bullsh*t need to die already
every time a game show somethig different than E3 gameplay even if it look better ...the so called gamers start calling it downgrade no matter what

with everyone is doing that to every single game
developers will start showing CGI trailers and will be scared to show any real gameplay videos any more

Irishguy951680d ago

NO LUCAS! I had to click the walkthrough. Great start but dammit I should have just waited.

starchild1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It's funny that people don't apply the same thinking to Watch Dogs. All I saw were lighting and weather differences, not to mention completely different areas.

Subjective impressions are enough for people to claim Watch Dogs was downgraded, but people can't subjectively say that the old Infamous SS cutscene looked better than the one in the final game? How does that makes sense?

Btw, I've been looking forward to Infamous Second Son for a long time and I still think it looks amazing.

lifeisgamesok1680d ago

It is clearly a downgrade though. I don't see why people got mad at you. It's obvious

If this was a Xbox One game people wouldn't hesitate 1 millisecond to call it a downgrade

The same objects aren't even in some of the pics

webeblazing1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

it looks great but it dont look as good as the e3 trailer the lighting was better. the chars dont seem like they interact with the lighting sources on in the game. you see reflections but now shadows. but that would just be nitpicking. it would be kinda unrealistic for that to happen when every time he shoot hes a light source, so it would have to effect the others light sources, plus other chars and the light that's interacting with them.

its obvious, i can name something else that seem like its not the same but who cares. not perfect but what you expect, its was e3. people aspect everything is going to stay the same when they reveal the game or they not balancing out features. new age games. just play the game.

Abriael1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

@TheGreatAndPowerful: Maybe you should blame your faulty interpretation of the article instead of foaming at the mouth, because the article said exactly what Sucker Punch just said.

d3nworth11680d ago

I said the same thing too. The fact that the lights for the buildings and street lights were on made it pretty obvious that it was a night time. Yet people still called it a downgrade.

NewMonday1680d ago

the charterer textures are actually better in the newer build,

SniperControl1680d ago

Guys, the xboys are just jealous because it's not on the the X1.

Evilsnuggle1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Some of us are written Flamebait article based on YouTube. When youtube is compress video an unreliable . The video quality varies from from channel To channel . Basically a video on YouTube could be duplicated or copy many times Before it posted. There is also a human era factors in recording and posting . The video quality is to unreliable to make analysis of visual quality. We all remember the Digital Foundry youtube video Battlefield 4 x1 vs PS4. The youtube version of the game was better for the inferior version of the game because of human era made by Digital foundry. When the Direct feed video was released by Digital Foundry The PS4 version was far superior to X1. Dualshockers has damaged it's credibility To get a couple hits From the hunger and jealous xboiz who are looking for anything because x1 is inferior. new version of infamous SS look better than the older version to me.

dantesparda1680d ago

So even though its already been proven that its not a downgrade but just a time of day lighting change, you still got lifeisagame and webeblazing still claiming their sh*t. Fanboys, it never ends, even when the facts are smacking them in the face.

Spenok1679d ago

Some people just like controversy. They do everything they can to stir it up. It makes no sense, but it's what I've noticed.

morganfell1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

It is actually an upgrade, particularly as regards the particle effects. Having provided more well lit times of day is only prove the engine doesn't need to hide in the dark to mask any shortcomings.

I love some of these people screaming otherwise. Their cries remind me of what one would hear as a person goes over a cliff and grabs a handful of grass only to have it tear away as they plummet.

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BX811680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Still looks like a downgrade to me. That doesn't mean it looks bad. The gameplay looks fantastic but it looks like a downgrade from e3.
@ lukas. I think phantom pain is the best looking open world game that I've seen. As long as it looks like the last footage still.

Kayant1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Please do tell of these downgrades....


Well i guess not. That's fair if you like the midday lighting better but claiming that as a downgrade is not right. As muffins1223 said expect you're stating technical comparsions that have been made then your agruement is not really valid in claiming a *downgrade*.

It's the new artistic vision you don't like and that is fine.

BX811680d ago

Sure np. To me the e3 version looks better thus the new version is a downgrade. Still looks good that's just my opinion. There is no fact when it comes to this it's all opinion. Your opinion might be different and I can respect that. I'm still getting the game either way.

Muffins12231680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

He asked for you to tell him in detail what they downgraded,not to restate your stupid opinion....

Kayant:"Pleasse do tell of these downgrades..."
YOU:"To me the e3 version looks better thus the new version is a downgrade"

You did not mention a single thing being downgraded or how it was,just that it "looked downgraded"

How does it look worse,don't say the lighting cause we have seen new gameplay of the lighting in the same time zonish that the e3 build had and it looked just as amazing.

ziggurcat1680d ago

perhaps if you explained how it looks like a downgrade...

popup1680d ago

I have been watching a live stream of it and have a download of the first 20 mins and it looks great. The draw distance is amazing, the engine has to be prepared for those scenarios and it maintains an excellent detail level.

It's a PS4 exclusive. What downgrades should you expect? It's not like it's been running on anything but Devkits so far so I call BS on the 'downgrades' but I also trust the devs to balance out everything for their 'vision', not just for bragging rights.

BX811680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

@ muffins when you learn how to converse as an adult we can continue this.

@ ziggurcat. The e3 version looks better to me. It's more pleasing to my visual senses. I'm not saying the new version is horrible but it just looks like a downgrade to me. Not because the graphics are crappy or anything like that. I just prefer the e3 version. I think too many people are stuck on the term "downgrade". It's just what I prefer. Thanks.

Bathyj1680d ago

But are you saying the E3 looks better because artistically its more pleasing to your eye or are you saying its technically inferior now?

There is a difference and you should clarify if youre going to make statements like that.

Example. My girlfriend is brunette. I think her hair is pretty. She dyes it blonde, which I think is less attractive. But the quality of the softness of her hair has not changed. Its not downgraded, just different.

You might prefer the harsh mid day sunlight that was beating down at E3, and the current build might be showing the game at dusk with a more orangey hue.

That doesnt mean DOWNGRADE. If resolution, framerate and other technical aspects havent changed, only artistic ones, you cant really say its downgraded, just different.

This happens in games (and movies) all the time. They create a scene and then suddenly someone says, wouldnt this mission be better at night? For all we know story wise Delsin might have been doing stuff all day and it made sense from a narrative viewpoint to have that scene late in the day. It has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the game. Just time of day. It still looks very sharp and very smooth and more importantly, very fun.

BX811680d ago

@bathy it's artistically. I saw the gameplay video earlier today. The graphics and gameplay are damn solid. The visuals of the people seemed more life like in the e3 version to me. I'm waiting for it to come out either way. Lol.

TheTowelBoy1680d ago

Hey man different tastes for different people. I read all the replies, you really shouldn't have to answer to these guys. No harm in seeing it your way, but good on you anyways.

Muffins12231680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Oh sorry for calling your comment stupid even though your reply to Kayant was literally the definition of stupidity, sorry I pointed it out. It seriously did not make any sense.

Your reply basically: Yea sure no prob,ill explain to you why it looks looks downgraded.....

*NOTE downgraded as nothing to do with artistic aspect

Moz1680d ago

Guess we'll see once we have it to play from the few full res screen grabs and the video Sony released today showing gameplay I'm leaning towards SP telling the truth, the leaked video was heavily compressed so you can judge texture quality or other fine details from it. As for the lighting there a difference between looking better and being technically downgraded. Bright sunny scenes will always look more detailed because you see more detail in real life when things are better lit.

NewMonday1680d ago


that particular scene was changed to sunset time, if you like daytime you will still get it in other scenes.

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joab7771680d ago

Did anyone watch the video? At least the one I saw on youtube (assuming its the right one) looks amazing...absolutely amazing. The detail is unparalleled and the lighting is superb.

Rodney251680d ago

Man logic around here astounds me. It's; "Watch Dogs has a downgrade, every game has a downgrade too" Just stupid. SMH

Kavorklestein1680d ago

No, it's more like Multiplats and XB1 have downgrades, but if it's Sony first party devs, then it's a "change in artistic aspect" lol fucking Sony hypocrites... Like always, the same formulas they use to bash other games and consoles are just artistic style changes for the better when it's on THEIR system.... lol next thing you'll hear is "titanfall noobs have no life and play all day long, but when I play for months to get a platinum trophy on a giant ass PS4 game, it represents how savage I am a gamer" lol

Angeljuice1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


Just because Ryse and Forza were obviously downgraded doesn't mean that all titles that change are downgraded.

Try using your eyes to decide instead of your bruised ego.

Forza had fantastic 3D backgrounds with highly detailed buildings at E3, come release they became flat and used far fewer polygons. This was obvious when you use your eyes.
Ryse changed its resolution which again is a tangible demonstration of a downgrade.

The assets of InFamous have not changed at all, only the time of day and locations have been changed. Again use your eyes and you will see this fact.

You can't just call something downgraded just because you're upset that a rivals product was genuinely downgraded.

Maybe you should look at each case on its individual merits rather than making sweeping partisan statements about hypocrisy.

gapecanpie1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

DowngradeStation4 .... lol ... But yeah it does look slightly downgraded... it's like when that guy from ubi soft said watchdogs wasn't downgraded even tho its clearly visible it was and of course they going to deny they downgraded it....

If you care about graphics so much then get a PC as both consoles are under power and can barely do games at 1080p @ 60fps

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PainUzumaki1680d ago

Seen lots of gameplay since people been selling the game early on Ebay...I get my copy this weekend. Got the tracking number and everything. The game is gorgeous from what I seen

Muffins12231680d ago

Damn...hope my game spot release it a few days early because of this lol.

PainUzumaki1680d ago

You can probably find some on Ebay for sale if you get lucky....make sure its legit tho

ObiWanaTokie1680d ago

your about to get a sad dose of rip off buying it from ebay

MainstreamGamer1680d ago

Yep my buddy got his this morning from eBay and it looks good.

PainUzumaki1680d ago

Nah I wont....I got a tracking number. It will be here Saturday

Akuma071680d ago


Since all the Watch Dogs conspiracy theories are the rage right now, we will probably start to hear of 'downgrades' every single time a game get's released.

The gaming community seems like they will jump onto any game criticism band wagon and become insta-experts on the subject. Just look how many expert 3D animators and graphic designers we have in the community now!!!

Roronoa04111680d ago

lol I found this funny because I actually am a graphic designer. However I also new it wasn't downgraded. :P Looking forward to this game!

Kavorklestein1680d ago

Really now? Make sure with your first "paid project" in graphic design that you don't misspell the client's info on their big box full of business cards lol

ziggurcat1680d ago

it seems "downgrade" is the new "generic"...

[email protected]1680d ago

"downgrade" is the new mainstream.

Rodney251680d ago

Crap! You beat me to saying that. LOL

wardestroyr1680d ago

I can actually tell where the articles are from just by reading the headline.

Oh Dualshockers, the equivalent to the sun newspaper in the gaming industry.

Sensationalist headlines and clickbait articles.