February 2014 NPD: Wii U sells about 82,000 units

In its monthly NPD response, Nintendo revealed that Wii U sales increased by 25 percent in February compared to the year prior. That statistic allows us to determine a rough estimate of the number of consoles the company sold across the US last month.

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Geekman1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

"Nintendo seems to be pleased." Hm. I expect this console to make a profit by the end of its lifetime. Not dominate.

wonderfulmonkeyman1733d ago

When have they not made some sort of profit, though, when adding software and peripheral sales into the equation?

Hicken1733d ago

I mean, if you're adding software and peripheral sales, doesn't every console make some sort of profit?

lilbroRx1733d ago

The PS3 is still in the red overall given how much it lost in its first years if I'm not mistaken.

The 360 has also generated very little if no profit as well as the Xbox1 before it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1733d ago

@ Lab
If the difference were enormous, I'd agree with you, but as it stands the Wii made up for the small miss of the cube a hundred times over.

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BX811733d ago

Zelda will push units and mk8

badz1491733d ago

uh...we heard that already with W101, Pikmin3, SM3DW, DK Tropical Freeze etc. let us all just admit that the Wii U is not too appealing to the gamers, right now. it's not that hard to do and if Nintendo is closely watching, they might phase the thing out and comeout with something better and with better online structures too. who knows?

coltlokk1732d ago

Those games did push units. The Wii U sales would jump up for like a week or two.

The combination of many great games is what drives console sales.

zero_gamer1733d ago

As long as this system becomes profitable for Nintendo, it's not a failure. All three predecessor systems were profitable. It would be silly to deem the 360 (third place) a failure. The 360 is enjoying a very successful 3rd place.

Concertoine1733d ago

Exactly how ive always felt. These companies dont care about some petty console race, they just want to make a profit. They might toss in some fanboy fodder to keep the fire going, but in the end the gamecube's meager profits after a mere 4 years on the market were much more preferable to the 360 and ps3's failure to make money after almost 6.

SilentNegotiator1733d ago

"We cannot continue a business without winning"
--Iwata, Jan 2014

InTheLab1733d ago

Break even point....

And while some of those years were profitable, that was only the case thanks to Nintendo's handhelds. I keep seeing this comment and cant help but wonder where it's coming from as the losses for 2 of Nintendo's last 4 amounted to major losses for years. Simply because you sell a console at a few dollars more than it cost to manufacture does not mean you've made your money back on that console...

And surely you see the difference between 82 million sold vs 22 million sold? Especially coming off 24m sold...

Concertoine1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I think you missed my point. The amount of money to conceptualize, develop games for, and advertise the gamecube and games nintendo made for it was, in the end, eclipsed by profits from the systems and games sold. This was not true for the 360 and PS3 until recently, and the reason last gen was so long was because they were stretching it out to try and make SOME money on their consoles.
Now market share is a huge deal, but as we've seen with the wii and the 360 if youve got the right idea at the right time and the games to boot, it doesnt seem to matter how bad your last console sold.

hollabox1733d ago

An very narrow third place, but first place in software sales, something people seem to skip over when making their argument. Software sales is what counts right? That's how publisher/developers make their money, well at least in the US.

Concertoine1732d ago

And the 360 is barely 1 million below the ps3 anyway, the difference is negligible. If MS continued to support the 360 that would be nice though.

ZainreFang1733d ago

Nice sales increase. Hopefully this upward trend continues throughout the rest of the year.

Inferno301733d ago

Mario Kart 8 will probably be the biggest boost in sales the Wii U gets this year. Better market the hell out of it Nintendo and make a bundle as well.

Beastforlifenoob1732d ago

Same thing better graphics = no innovation

Lets face it your mario kart is exactly COD.

Oh yeah and lets not forget a few useless things they add in each game

coltlokk1732d ago

At least it's only 1 per system instead of 1 a year.

Also, double dash changed things up a lot. Mario Kart 8 is like a combination of MK7 and MKWii. So it should be fun anyway. The things they add aren't unless. I mean, it's a kart racing game. Compared to gran turismo or forza, i think MK is the most innovative, though it's difficult to innovate the gameplay of a racing game.

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