February 2014 NPD: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One continue fighting it out

Venturebeat :

Hardware sales bolstered video game revenue in February, with Microsoft and Sony each claiming they won the month in the PlayStation 4-Xbox One console war.

Gamers spent $887 million on new physical games at retail in February, according to sales-tracking firm The NPD Group. That’s up 9 percent to $810 million last year. As expected, it’s still the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft that is bringing in the dough.

Hardware brought in $347 million, which is up 42 percent from last year when the aging consoles only generated $244 million in sales. With gamers dropping $400 and $500 to purchase new systems, they also spent a bit less on software. New game sales were down 9 percent to $318 million. Accessories, which includes items like controllers and Skylanders toys, was up 3 3 percent to $221 million.

As always these figures only represent physical items sold at brick-and-mortar stores. The NPD


Hardware sales -

Microsoft said it sold 258,000 Xbox Ones. Sony sold an estimated 290,000 PlayStation 4s.

“PS4 led hardware sales in February 2014, but by a narrow margin with Xbox One selling over 90 percent of what the PS4 sold in terms of unit sales,” said Callahan. “However, with Xbox One’s higher price point, it led hardware sales on a dollar basis.”

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MightyNoX1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Still no hardware numbers yet...wait for it---

Edit: PS4 - 284k
Xbone - 256k

IanVanCheese1680d ago

"Microsoft said it sold 258,000 Xbox Ones. Sony sold an estimated 290,000."

Close but no cigar man :p

IanVanCheese1680d ago

Lol at the disagrees for a direct quote. What are you disagreeing with people, I'd love to know?

darthv721680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

XB1: 258k x $500 = $129,000,000
PS4: 290k x $400 = $116,000,000
Combined Sales Total = $245,000,000

XB1 sells less but makes more $$
PS4 sells more and makes 32k more people happy in the process.

"Hardware brought in $347 million..." so can it be assumed the difference of $102 mil was from all other platforms combined (wii-u, ps3, 360, 3ds...)

4Sh0w1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

huh?, Not sure why X1 sales should be greatly improved the month PRIOR to Titanfall vs ps4 sales the month PRIOR to infamous SS when ps4 owners have had less AAA exclusives making inFamous SS a hotly anticipated game for new potential ps owners; either way I generally don't think if you were on the fence waiting for Titanfall or inFamous that the month PRIOR would be when most waiting would run out and buy now. I dont get that logic morgan, seriously those who have managed to wait this long for those two games really still have no incentive to buy a console for a game THATS NOT AVAILABLE YET, lol. NO, those sales will be reflected in the month of release (March).

So as we can see, Yes both consoles are doing very well, (like Ive been saying all along) despite all the BS that X1 is in trouble, that just sounds ridiculous when you consider it's just behind ps4 which is putting up amazing record setting unit sales, plus when you factor money spent on X1 it sounds even more foolish.

Edit, my bad meant to reply below.

1680d ago
GribbleGrunger1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

PS4: 258,000 / 0.9 = 286.7K
Xbox One: 258K
Xbox 360: 114K (-62.2%)
Wii U: Nearly 82.5K (+~25%)

He's closer than the article.

Ezz20131680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


lol so now we moved on from who is selling more consoles
to who is getting more money ?!

anyway congrats to sony and microsoft
ps4 is doing really great in NA and dominate the World Wide sales...TBH never thought would be possible
i know the rest of the world ps4 is in it own level but never thought it could beat Xbox one in it home

GameNameFame1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Darth nice try.

Bigger revenue do not mean "making more money"

Sony and MS make profit on every game sold. So actually Sony will prob make more money on those. But nice desperate change in phrases. Lolol didn't see you do those with ps3.

Even with so called Titanfall, it failed to beat sales of ps4.

Your desperate PR damage control is just funny

darthv721680d ago

@ezz, its not my info. Its in the update:

“PS4 led hardware sales in February 2014, but by a narrow margin with Xbox One selling over 90 percent of what the PS4 sold in terms of unit sales,” said Callahan. “However, with Xbox One’s higher price point, it led hardware sales on a dollar basis.”

All i did was the math for anyone interested. Oh and if the Wii-u did 82k in units sold that would be $24,600,000 on its own. Leaving roughly $77 mil of combined platform sales (ps3, 360, 3ds...)

nukeitall1680d ago

That is amazing number for Xbox One considering it is prior to Titanfall release, and everyone is waiting on the Titanfall or Forza 5 free game bundle.

March will be a banner month for Xbox One sales.

TomShoe1680d ago

March NPD is going to be one of the most interesting in a long time.

If Xbox doesn't trump PS4 BY FAR, you can bet some of the meltdowns on this thread will be great.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1680d ago


"XB1 sells less but makes more $$"

That's what you said but that information is not known. Money "made" is not gross and those are the numbers you've provided. We don't know how much it costs to produce each xb1, therefore we don't know any profit, if any, is made on each sale. For all we know it could be selling at a loss.

It seems likely that the xb1 costs more to produce because they are selling it for more, unless you think they are price gouging, which to me seems illogical considering the apparent higher demand of their closest competitor.

hazeblaze1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


Your math is just a little off... Remember that the top selling PS4's at Gamestop over the last month were bundles starting at $479 w/ inFamous (and $549 for the Call of Duty bundle).

What makes these numbers even more intriguing is that the xbox received a boost from the Titanfall bundle and still didn't manage to beat the PS4!

EDIT: Actually all of those sells would have been pre-orders, and I'm not sure their impact would be revealed in the numbers until the March numbers are released. Should be interesting.

dedicatedtogamers1680d ago

A year ago, people were saying the Xbox 360 "won" because "it may have sold the least, but it took the most marketshare away from the PS2".

And now that the PS4 is taking back that marketshare?

*crickets chirp*

Septic1680d ago

Woah..the X1 did alright you know. Those doom and gloom articles look even sillier than they were.

Some fierce competition right there. This gen is gonna be beast!

Apollosupreme1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

You guys are look at this all wrong. Revenue doesn't matter. EARNINGS matters.

Average cost of production:
X1: $471/unit
PS4: $381/unit

Average revenue from sale:
X1: $500/unit
PS4: $400/unit

Units sold(ball park for demonstration purposes):
X1: 258k
PS4: $290k

Earnings (revenue, less expense):
X1: $129.000M - $121.518M = $7.482M
PS4: $116.000M - $110.490M = $5.510M

X1 wins this simple calculation on the surface but keep in mind the cost/unit doesn't factor in advertising costs, labour costs, shipping or general overhead.

Also, keep in mind that you can get an X1 relatively easily today but good luck to you finding a PS4 in most places. One could argue PS4 sales are being stunted right now due to Sony's underestimation as to how popular their console would be.

Finally consider the upcoming X1 price cut. If X1 was slashed down to $400 in February this is what you would have seen:

X1 Earnings(Loss) = $103.200M - $121.528M = ($18.318M)

That would be a major hit and it illustrates their grave fear to slash price by $100/unit.

Source on cost of production:

morganfell1680d ago

What upcoming X1 price cut? Not in the US. This is NPD. Are you pulling things out of the ether? MS went so far as to quash rumors of a price cut anywhere but the UK. It will not do to have Sony supporters start making up their own flights of fancy. Stick with the facts.

If you want to quote something official, then include the remark where Sony stated supply issues should be rectified by April.

Remember, in the US the gap is expanding. Not as much this month - when the PS4 still had constrained supplies and no major exclusive. Worldwide the gap is expanding faster. At the end of December PS4 had a 1.2 million lead (3M vs 4.2M). Now the PS4 has a 2.4 million lead (3.6M vs 6M). The PS4's lead has doubled since December.

AceBlazer131680d ago

With Titanfall and Infamous droping in March I don't think much people care for February. March NPD will be the one eveyone sets their eyes on.

dale_denton1680d ago


ps3 cost more and sold more than 360.. so whats your point?

MysticStrummer1680d ago

Man I love to see the shareholders here talk about profit margin. They're supporting a company that sold them lesser hardware for more money. People are amazing sometimes. Wow.

liquidhalos1680d ago

Id rather it was nice and close, We need strong Xbox sales and strong PS4 sales to ensure we maintain healthy competition. The end result is less talk about hardware and more focus on pumping out fantastic games to try and bring in more sales. Win win for us gamers.

Pogmathoin1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Just glad to see both doing great. Simple. People here making up mad ratios to prove stupid points...... Sad....

Morganfall, ok, Sony selling more.... A blind man in a dark room guided by a blind man can see that, you always seem to harp on the same thing..... Try be positive about the whole industry.... Benefits everyone, or continue in your own corner please....

SilentNegotiator1680d ago


First of all, careful; you'll get dizzy doing all that spinning. Second, unless you factor in costs, your numbers mean very little; they're just revenue.

hadouken0071680d ago

i like how they they threw in there xbox led on a hardware dollar basis,though that was never mentioned bout ps3

BG115791680d ago

Funny how people do these calculation about MS gaining more money for consoles sold, without considering the drop prices of the console and all the games given for free as an incentive to buy it.
Hell they are giving Titanfall now...

Alan_Shore1680d ago

Reason you got disagree's is because No one likes a smart ass.

miyamoto1680d ago

Venture beat is M$ get me a sack of salt.

AndrewLB1680d ago

IanVanCheese- I think some people have an issue with the fact that Sony's console sales are an "estimate" and not hard sales numbers, while Xbone sales come directly from Micro$oft and were confirmed because they were used in a shareholder meeting, and if they were to get caught lying to shareholders, that's a felony.

So for all we know, Sony could have sold 2x as much as this estimate says, or half as much. I'd like to see actual numbers directly from Sony and not an unnamed source or some research group.

NewMonday1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


spending more money is now a good thing

anyway this doesn't look good for MS, even if they get a narrow win in March it wont be good because the XBone is practically dead world wide

MS need to flip North America and outsell the PS4 by 2-1 at least and keep it up

the PS4 is outselling the XB1 by 3 million world wide and a selling a few more thousand XB1 units in March in the USA will not make a difference.

Shake_Zula1680d ago

What you don't see is hardware sales as it relates to both systems (excluding controllers)... So, on the PS4 side, you have PS Camera, the two "official" headsets, and the Vita. Add the fact that PSN was designed to run at minimal cost, and the amount of realistic profit skyrockets. And then let's not forget that there is a slight dollar amount that MS (and other developers) pays Sony for Blu-Ray licensing. There's more to the picture as was with the case with the PS3.

On the X1 side, so far you have the media remote and funding from advertisments within XBL. Quick sidenote: Why is XBL service pricier when it is already advertisement-based? Just saying. The console is also helping to drive sales to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

Honestly, it would be smart for MS to reduce the price of the X1 by $50 and then raise the price of XBL by $5 with perhaps an extra indie game per month. MS is losing their market slowly, and the only thing preventing Sony from taking it all over is the lack of mascot game with a cult following such as Halo, Gears, or Titanfall. Hopefully, they remedy that with marketing in the future for the next first party exclusives.

zerog1680d ago

@apollo. You forgot to include the retailers profit. A portion of that $29-$19 if not most of it goes to gamestop, walmart, amazon ect. Stores don't just sell stuff at cost unless they're trying to just get rid of it to make way for new inventory.

PharaohX1680d ago

But in figures from February that were released Thursday afternoon by NPD, the retail tracking firm, the Xbox One nearly matched the United States sales of the PlayStation 4, selling more than 90 percent of the units that Sony sold of its new system. Because the Xbox One costs $100 more than Sony’s machine, Microsoft actually brought in more revenue than Sony did from its console, according to NPD.
Who is more profitable????

lesrima881680d ago

@darthv72 please do some research before making yourself look like a fool,xbox one costs $90 more to make than the ps4, just because it costs more than the ps4 that doesn't mean it makes more money,profit=revenue-expenses, simple business 101....

DeathOfTheFanBoy1680d ago

at a $100 more, they are still solid numbers.

UltraNova1680d ago

"So Sony sold more units, but Xbox One made more money. Expect each company to come out bragging about how they won the month."

Yes but NO.

More consoles= more games bought=more money made per game(vs console) sold= more money made down the road.

White-Knight1680d ago

It is to be expected, with the few PS4 that we're available during February in the US because they launched the PS4 in Japan and they needed to stock up on some.

Expect a sale surge of PS4 in March.

darthv721679d ago

To everyone who disagreed...are you xbox fans who didnt like that i said sony sold more and made more people happy?

OR..are you sony fans who didnt like that i said M$ made more $$?

How you perceive the post is up to you but I just laid out the facts. I wasnt doing anything more like breaking it all down into finer details. Its all based off MSRP of the base units multiplied by the estimated number of units sold. nothing more nothing less.

And believe it or not WE ARE ALL INVESTORS in these companies. We all have a vested interest in how they perform. We all spend $ to buy their wares. We all put in the time and effort (where available) to play and be entertained.

To think that the sales of a platform does not influence our spending habits is preposterous. I want each company to sell as much as they can so it influences the developers to keep making games to be bought and us.

DerrickCole1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Here is a CNET article that states the Xbox One is $28 dollars cheaper to make than retail price and also states that the PS4 is $18 less to manufacturer than the retail price. I think this is a big reason why Microsoft can cut Xbox One's price and even offer free games so early on in the generation.

kopicha1679d ago


"XB1 sells less but makes more $$
PS4 sells more and makes 32k more people happy in the process."

just because x1 cost more does not means it makes more profit. we dont even know the cost of per machine for either of them. If X1 cost more to make overall, It actually still does not end up with more profit. Why are people making assumptions including this article.

+ Show (35) more repliesLast reply 1679d ago
Zefros1680d ago

ps4- 290k

xb1- 258k

Great numbers for both. Sony is doing great in NA.

BX811680d ago

Agreed. Sony is beasting and ms is doing great as well.

SmielmaN1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Article says 290k PS4 and 258 xbone.

It's hilarious how I get disagrees for basically copy and pasting part of the article lol. Fanbois

morganfell1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It should be a strong indicator that in the month prior to the launch of the X1's biggest title to date, one that was heavily marketed, they could not out sell the short supply PS4 in the US. Many PS4s were shifted to Japan for the launch and the fact the PS4 still managed to outsell the X1 is a testament to the demand.

It may also be an indicator that the influence of shooters in general is on the wane, at least with gen 8.

Edit: March may be no different other than a wider margin.

Sony stated that supply problems should be corrected by April. As if to testify to that the PS4 is now back in stock at Amazon as of this posting and shot to number 1.

It was in stock at BestBuy, went to number 1 and since dropped as it sold out in an hour.

The inFamous bundle still sits atop the Gamestop chart with the X1 having dropped off the first page.

Death1680d ago


Why would you think gamers waiting for Titanfall to drop in March would buy an Xbox One in February? Why do you think people would rush out to buy an Xbox One without a game instead of wait for the Titanfall bundle?

The PS4 which you call "supply constrained" is selling 170k a week for the first 10 weeks of 2014 including the Japan launch. It was shipping and selling 700k a week the last 6 weeks of 2013. Japan has sold through 400k or a 4 day supply from what they were producing in 2013. It's convenient to keep saying it's sold out, hard to find, supply constrained, etc, but why is this the case if they are selling a small fraction of what they were months ago?

BitbyDeath1680d ago


PS4 is still selling over a million consoles a month. Smaller fraction or not it doesn't really matter with those numbers.

Death1680d ago


The ended 2013 at 4.3 million. They announced they hit 6 million last week in March 2014. That is approx 800k a month compared to 700k a week in 2013. If they had consoles in stores, that would be an indication of demand slowing. PS4's are still not available in most places.

deviouslight1680d ago

@Death. It wasn't 700k a week. You have to include the time they actually started production which was about September. With four months of production it sold two million the first month of both launches in north america and europe. and two more million december. Then sold a million the month of january while holding supply for the japanese launch. And sold another million making it 6 million. And yet it still is supply constrainted because it is selling out. I dont understand this 700k a week

BitbyDeath1680d ago

Ok, so just under a million but still great numbers for a product that is still difficult to find in many countries.

Dec 31st 2013 - 4.2 Million
Feb 8th 2014 - 5.3 Million
Mar 2nd 2014 - 6 Million

morganfell1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It isn't a matter of convenience to say it is sold out but rather a matter of fact. Why are they producing less? I do not know. Everytime the system comes into stock it sells out. The exception is the Gamestop bundles with one of those being a preorder.

Perhaps it sold more because it was new - you can look at the history of consoles and you always see this phenomenon. We do know Sony had months to accumulate stock before launch last year and now that is not the case.

Regarding Titanfall and the X1 you are correct, some gamers waited but others did not. Lets look at March as you said. The first two weeks of March saw the PS4 and the X1 for sale at Gamestop. The PS4 was selling a bundle that was weeks away. The X1 inside 2 weeks for the launch of Titanfall. Also for sale were other X1 editions that could be picked up immediately. Yet in that launch period you are discussing, Gamestop, one of the largest game retailers in the US saw the X1 unable to take the top spot from the PS4 bundle, one that gamers would not be able to pickup for weeks. Not even on Titanfall launch day. That is what is known as a 'tell'.

The Gamestop quote above should be a strong indicator. I was mistaken in my first post above, the X1 is on the main page (I clicked the preorder rather than bestseller) but it is below the PS4. And it is dropping on the Amazon chart while the newly restocked PS4 sits at number 1.

Think about it. At Gamestop the PS4 bundle with COD Ghosts costs more and the X1 bundle with Ghosts and Titanfall is less, has two games and the PS4 is still outselling it. That should tell you something. Titanfall is not looking to be the system seller MS had hoped.

assassin2k1680d ago

As morgan said - production hasn't slowed. Sony prepped PS4 prior to launch by producing units for day one defined presumably by pre order levels. Prior to launch Sony would have stockpiled a certain number of PS4's for launch and despite production being as quick as they could manage they still haven't hit the point of production meets demand.

hazeblaze1680d ago


It is selling a smaller number in the U.S... but it is also being sold in more territories as of February.

It is a fact that several retailers ran out of stock on more than one occasion in Feb. This is at least partially due to the fact that at least 400k that would have been distributed globally was allocated to Japan this month... Not that difficult to understand.

Hicken1680d ago

Death, the way your mind works is simply amazing.

Did you forget that Sony started production BEFORE the system launched? OF COURSE they were gonna be able, for a while, to output a high number. But with demand being as high as it is, whatever little reserve they built up has been thoroughly spent.

Face it: the PS4 is still selling extremely quickly. It's staying out of stock, and still selling considerably faster than its nearest competitor.


Death1679d ago

The PS4 was rumored to start production in the third quarter of 2013 which was October 1st-December 31st. Let's assume is was September. From January 1st to March 6th Sony sold 1.7 million consoles. That is 800,000 per month. The system is "sold out" and can't keep up with demand. If production started in September and launched in November, Sony had 2.5 months of production and a week to ship consoles. That means they launched with 2 million consoles best case scenario. They sold 1 million in 24 hours and were essentially "sold out". That leaves 1 million unaccounted for prior to launch. From launch to the end of December they would have had 1.5 more months of production. That is 1.2 more million consoles produced. That makes it 3.2 total. They sold 4.3 million in that time and that is with shipping. At the rate they are selling consoles this year, for your claims of having a huge backstock prior to launch, they would have had to start production in July. If this were the case, they would not have been sold out, they would have been controlling inventory to make people think they were sold out. The math doesn't add up.

Most likely they had 2 million ready at launch with production starting in October. That gave Sony 5 weeks to produce 2 million with 1 week to deliver. This left them with 6 more weeks to produce and deliver another 2.3 million to get to the 4.3 million announcment on December 31st. At the rate they have been producing consoles, we should be closer to 8.5 million sold today. Instead we are at 6 million as of March 6th. Since they are not in stock still, production has to have been affected.

The Japanese launch would have increased overall global sales, not reduced it by diverting consoles. Demand in North America and Europe is lower post holidays leaving the Japanese launch more than enough inventory if Sony was still in full production.

morganfell1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

You are basing your science on rumor. Rumored production. Did you know there was a rumor production started as early as August? Deduction based on rumor is bound to you have just illustrated. If I based my science on August it would fail equally.

The fact that is being ignored is Sony stated last year, last year that there were going to be supply issues extending into this year.

They predicted it. They knew it was a necessary part of the plan that could not be avoided.

There wasn't a breakdown in production as you keep trying to prove. Sony knew going in that after the initial run there would be shortages. They saw it coming. Yes sales are greater than they hoped (Is that bad? No) but still they had told us this would occur.

This is just one link of many available with only one of several comments made by Sony:

Feel free to cease and desist with your conspiracy theories that some magical supply incident/factory explosion/PS4 stolen by aliens theories.

Sony reiterated yesterday that April would see an end to the supply issues. That will not happen with a turn key event where overnight truckloads of PS4s will back up to the doors of shops and viola, end of the issue. Instead we will likely see a gradually ramp up of supplies and availability. This could start occurring as early as today or it could begin sometime in April.

But once again, just as with the shortage forecast, Sony has predicted this based on their production numbers.

The point is Sony had all of this in their forecast and most industry sources saw this coming as well. One would think with the proliferation of news you would realize this also.

Death1679d ago



Did Sony sell out through the holidays without enough stock to meet demand or did they hold back inventory. You can't be sold out every day and still have inventory available from months ago.

Sony PS4 announces 2 million sold, "sold out" every where, December 1st. Sony’s Jack Tretton said that it “breaks my heart” that they can’t get enough PS4 consoles out to gamers.

That is 2 million sold before December 1st. We know Sony sold 2.3 million more at the end of the same month.

Choose. Did they constantly sell out due to demand or did they have stock and weren't shipping them? You can't have it both ways.

Sony is clearly capable of producing and shipping over 2 million a month. The consoles sold in December would have been Novembers production lot and the launch consoles built in October or the beginning of the third quarter. January, February and the first week in March is another 2 million produced in December. Where are the February consoles at? What do you think the chances are they temporarily shut down production to limit their losses for the fiscal year? It's mid march. No PS4's.

morganfell1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Pick? Pick what? How about you comprehend? What do you not understand? I am not trying to have it both ways. If you think I am saying there is one pool and that is it and they keep draining that pool dry without regard to worldwide launched then you obviously did not read what I wrote. If you think I said they are deviously parsing shipments you are wrong as well. Honestly this discussion is ridiculous as you keep missing that point.

You also keep skipping what I and others are discussing which is worldwide stock is affected by the worldwide market. The requirements for launches in territory X affect the availability in territory Y. And you actually prove this in your own remarks, albeit unintentionally.

Sony planned on selling 5 million PS4s through the end of the fiscal year. Now look at the sales. Sony planned on having stock through the holiday as well but the demand completely outstripped their ability to meet it.

Its odd that everyone in the industry, with better sources than you or I understand that Sony set aside X number of shipments for each major launch, the US, the EU, Japan, India, etc. This involved shorting some other territories on a continual supply. They doubtless had a plan going in to the initial 2013 launch arena with setting aside certain shipments for each territory. You think that because they were moving stock to ready for the Japan launch that they were not actually "selling out" Absurd and beyond a discussion any longer.

You act as if Sony isn't allowed to do this, as if it is somehow wrong and by acting so they are deceptive and intentionally shorting everyone. Your own words indicate you think Sony isn't able to say "we have held back these shipments because of this launch here".

It's funny that the very article you linked:

Has this headline: "Sony boosting PlayStation 4 production to meet Japanese pre-orders"

And mentions in that same article the launch in India on January 6. Do you think that opening in more territories will not affect US supply?

No, they are simply trying to ramp up to meet demand. As I stated elsewhere, worldwide the gap between PS4 and X1 is expanding faster. At the end of December PS4 had a 1.2 million lead (3M vs 4.2M). Now the PS4 has a 2.4 million lead (3.6M vs 6M). The PS4's lead has doubled since December. For a unit you think Sony is intentionally throttling it's a pretty strong showing to still outsell the competition and beat the company's own sales forecasts. Do you not see the absurdity of your suggestion? So no, they did not shut a facility or intentionally constrain production.

In addition they have continued to launch in more territories while providing more shipments to the current territories. More territories have off set the gradual drop in sales in previously launched areas. That has historically occurred with every console ever made thus keeping the supply here about the same until production really does rise to meet demand.

Sony is fast tracking beyond every estimate. I loved the Forbes writer eating humble pie. And you think this has been achieved by Sony shutting down production? How has Sony, reporting to stockholders, Sony with workers at those facilities managed to keep all of this so very secret. Where are the current shipments coming from that are still coming in and are moving to new launch territories worldwide?

Shipments do not come in a stream, but in bursts. There is no conspiracy, its simply demand plus continual addition of new launch territories. It is no more complicated than that.

doolin_dalton1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


"It should be a strong indicator that in the month prior to the launch of the X1's biggest title to date, one that was heavily marketed, they could not out sell the short supply PS4 in the US."

It's also a strong indicator that in the month prior to the launch of PS4's biggest title to date (Infamous), one that was heavily marketed, PS4 could only outsell the Xbox One by 10%. Remember, PS4 outsold Xbox One by 50% in January.

Both consoles have their biggest title to date releasing in March. Both companies built bundles around them. Trying to downplay one while ignoring the other screams of bias and damage control.

Diver1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

hey doolin, the ps4 had a launch to make in japan. mos of the ps4 stock went there. you cant outsell somebody by the same amount when your stocks in anoither country. also the infamous launch is two weeks further out than the titan launch was. facts my man facts.

just ask yourself two questions. which console had a exclusive with the biggest advertising budget? which console was never ever out of stock the whole month of february?

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MorePowerOfGreen1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

"Sony sold an estimated 290,000"

Not one of these again. Now we will never know the truth. Bet it's taking so long for statements because Sony won't say anything and MSFT is waiting for Sony numbers to adjust statements. Sony only reveals numbers when they win and leave fanboys to make stuff up when they don't.

BitbyDeath1680d ago

EOFY is coming up so should hear solid numbers soon.

Sevir1680d ago

Math must not be a good subject for you... The report said MS sold 90% of the top selling console of the month. And they gave MS their number they rounded up to the nearest 10 thousand... That's why the number is estimated... The actual exact figure is 286,000, MS sold 258,000. Do the math... -_-

kenshiro1001680d ago

Just stop Green....seriously just stop.

That's just ignorant to begin with.


You either failed Math when you were a kid or you're a Microsoft employee trying to spin as much news as possible.

dlocsta1679d ago

Say what you will be he is dead on about Sony only releasing numbers when they are ahead. Other than that they leave it to the imagination of the fanboy and we know how that turns out...

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Rainstorm811680d ago

March will be interesting.....I think the X1 will lead that month and PS4 will regain in April

Muerte24941680d ago

The simple fact that neither EA or Microsoft have mentioned anything on Titanfalls sales in the past 72 hours is a little concerning.

tigertom531680d ago

Titian fall might bring a comeback and game deals..

Death1680d ago

Something is going on at Sony. They haven't been producing PS4's since shortly after the holidays like they could. It looks like they are simply selling through stock produced at the end of 2013 or shortly after. If production has ceased or been cut back for the end of their fiscal year, we won't see consoles until the third week of April.

Kayant1680d ago

Hmmmm what does that say about the amount of XB1's at retail if Sony are not producing a lot of units even through they had to prepare for JP launch.

Considering MS haven't updated their worldwide sold through numbers and their shipped numbers was 3.9m in January.

That sure is a lot of XB1's still lying there waiting to be sold.

Muerte24941680d ago


They flooded the channel at the last minute (900k). So in the beginning of 2014, retailer had an abundance of Xbox One stock. Since then they've only sold 401k in America so far. This is counting January (143) and February (258k).They still have another month to go before they officially reach that 3.9 million number. Or at least before retailers start ordering more again. Everyone's offering deals on them to clear out the rest of their inventory.