February 2014 NPD: Nintendo's response, Wii U and 3DS sales up

Nintendo has issued its monthly response to the latest NPD report. Last month, Wii U and 3DS both experienced positive sales.

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iplay1up21677d ago

Wii U has some really great games out. 2 Of my friends picked em up finally about 2 weeks ago, and they are both loving it. I was like "told ya so!".

Mario Kart 8, X, SSB, Bayonetta2, Hyrule Warriors, are not going to hurt sales.

wonderfulmonkeyman1677d ago

Definitely. MK8 will be a great seller, Smash will come in right behind it, and the other two, while they might not be million sellers in the short term, have a positive sales future in the long run to look forward to.

cleft51677d ago

I will be jumping on the WiiU train when X comes out or Bayonetta 2 is out and there is a firm release date for X.

BoneBone1677d ago

Listen pal, unless you can tell me if those games will SAVE or KILL the Wii U, I'm just not interested. Because even if one of those games saves it, the one that comes out after it might kill it, and then it will be dead as the VirtualDreamcastBoy!

I have this information on the good authority of N4G members so you better wake up.

deafdani1677d ago

I expect people to downvote you because the majority of them just can't recognize a joke / sarcasm in written form.

Realplaya1677d ago

Gotta admit that was funny.

BlackWolf1677d ago

Dude, next time let people know you're joking. The disagrees are raining...

1677d ago
Lonnie181677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Nintendo just trying to piggyback sales success of the real next-gen consoles lol. Everyone knows their slowly dying...

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zero_gamer1677d ago

Wii U haters have some spinning to do.

Activemessiah1677d ago

Government-level spinning... takes a lot of XP to achieve that.

mcstorm1677d ago

Good to see the Wiiu sales picking up as for me its a very under rated console. If it carry's on picking up and so do the Xbox one sales its gong to be a good gen for all 3 which I great for the industry.

Lonnie181677d ago

Its only gonna be good for Sony/Microsoft...wake up Nintendo is on the ropes lol.

Inferno301677d ago

Mario Kart 8 will probably be the biggest Wii U system seller of its current library when it comes out. I just wish Nintendo would finally decide to get a fully 3D Pokemon RPG for its console for once and not the ones that were on Gamecube or some puzzle games.

Olih141677d ago

A great Pokémon game on Wii U would definitely boost both Hardware and Software sales everywhere.

josephayal1677d ago

wii u is the best next gen console, full 1080p

lilbroRx1677d ago

Well, to be fair, it does have far more 1080p titles than the PS4 and Xbone combined.

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