PlayStation 4 price increased $50 in "The Source" in Canada – Rumor

Sony has increased the price of the PlayStation 4 and 3 last week in Chile $90 USD and Sony blamed the market conditions on this, Today the price increased in Canada too $50


The news has been confirmed by Sony:

Sony Computer Entertainment Canada confirmed Friday that the price of the PS4 in Canada will rise $50, from $399.99 to $449.99, effective Saturday. The price of the DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation Camera will each rise $5 to $64.99.

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KrisButtar1777d ago

The price may go up at other locations because our games prices went up not to long ago and maybe the consoles will follow suit.

zeal0us1777d ago

Possibly something to do with the exchange rate. Before Canadians were paying the equivalent of ~$359 and now they are paying ~$404.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1777d ago

I'm skeptical too, considering I bought a PS4 on Amazon yesterday for $277.

Section81776d ago

Why are you skeptical when the $50 price rise was officially announced? Also here in Canada PS3 games went up $5 and PS4 games went up $10. What a bunch of crap. And they wonder why people play pc games instead.

ShaunCameron1776d ago

And in Quebec, if do decide to buy one, I have to pay Environment Handling Fees on top of that. Well that's the case for any electronic hardware.

Paulie_gualtieri1777d ago

The source, formerly known as radioshack, is actually still in business? lol.I haven't seen a store in years

adorie1777d ago

Just recently closed about 1/3 of their stores in the U.S.

gprime1777d ago

They're still around, but their prices are generally terrible. Their primary purpose now is to peddle Bell contracts and sell overpriced merchandise to people who don't know better. Even if the source is charging $449, I wouldn't assume that's going to become the standard price.

Kribwalker1777d ago

It has gone up, saw it in the flyer last night, surprisingly PS4 was missing in the best buy and future shop flyers as well

plasticidolatry1777d ago

Not a surprise, next gen games already went up from $60 to $70 in Canada. USD to CDN exchange rates are to blame.

tanookisuit1777d ago

I can vouch for that... just saw MLB 14 for $69.99 (PS4 version).

Also, no offense to the employees, but The Source is garbage. They sell a lot of no-name brand junk. And they have ancient games at full price!

Pandamobile1777d ago

...and this is why I stick to PC games. $70 for a game is pretty ridiculous.

DCfan1777d ago

Game prices do go down.
I never buy anything at 60$, i save a little and get multiple game for about the same price even less on multiple consoles.

PeaSFor1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

being a game enthusiast, i couldnt simply "stick to PC games", that said i also own a gaming rig but without my the hell would i have played GTAV or TLOU?

Omni gamers ftw.

ShaunCameron1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

The last time I seen a game priced at $69.99 was 2011. And that was the Mortal Kombat reboot.

JasonKCK1776d ago

A PC gamer could save enough on games alone to buy a PS4 and X1.

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SuperBlur1777d ago

if USD to CDN exchange rates was to be blamed here , they would up the price on ps3/360 games too.. would they not ?

Anon19741777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I didn't even realize that The Source sold games, until I saw them on

Managed to snag a PS4 a few weeks back for a brief window they made them available on The Source's website and couldn't believe my luck. Actually called them a day later because I doubted they really had any but a couple of days later my PS4 arrived. :)

That's the thing about Canada. They're always quick to raise prices when our dollar is weaker against the US dollar, but take their damned sweet time lowering prices when our dollar is up. I don't see game prices going up yet though. Usually those jump up first.

kneon1777d ago

I guess it's a good thing I preordered 11 ps4 games last year @ $40 each. It will be a while before I need to buy any other games.

ziggurcat1777d ago

And yet when our dollar was at $0.69, we weren't paying extra for games. It's a poor excuse of a cash grab if you ask me. It's made me consider going digital from the PS store until prices go back to normal.

Kribwalker1776d ago

I remember when the xbox 360 and ps3 launched in canada. 360 was $499 and ps3 was $699. That's why I didn't have a problem paying $499 for Xbox one, it wasn't any different then we are use to up here

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