Hey Nintendo: We Want To Play Online

Nintendo is still reluctant to embrace online wholeheartedly. Wii Wii U Chat comes with the console and it works well, so Nintendo obviously has the technical capabilities to pull this off but because they want everything to be so simple they made an application that is almost worthless on a console.

“Simple” also perfectly describes Dr. Luigi’s online battles. When you choose your mode you are stuck with it. If you want to make any variations to your game you have to sever the connection entirely and one of the two of you has to choose to host a game again. In this case, simplicity leads to making everything much more complicated.

Nintendo has made the process of setting up a game very easy and playing Dr. Luigi online worked flawlessly, but with zero voice chat and no way to stay connected, it feels like the company actually does not want to recreate the “couch” online experience.

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BoneBone1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Ironic considering Nintendo was the first console maker to embrace the net with Randnet and the 64DD cup.

I think gamers overemphasise the value of online, but Nintendo could offer more to strike a balance. Really, the last thing I want is for Mario Kart 8 to have a bunch of faceless morons hurling racist and homophobic abuse at everyone. It's so commonplace and boring.

One thing Nintendo have done right is not charging for online. I think people/parents will get tired of paying for it on the other consoles and eventually see that as a valuable asset in a Wii U purchase.

Consumers haven't a Sony machine to fall back on for that this time around. I'm sure there will be a very high percentage of parents only realising about the PS Plus compulsory charge AFTER their purchases.

NeoTribe1681d ago

Ofcourse nintendo does not charge for online, there online features our trash and not money worthy.

imXify1681d ago

"But our online infrastructure is in another castle"

But that other castle doesn't exist...

wonderfulmonkeyman1681d ago

Tell that to the flawlessly-running matches of CoD Ghosts I've been enjoying.

imXify1681d ago

Flawless ? You get use frame drops when hosting a game.

Chrischi19881681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I didnt experience anything, that would lower my experience to a degree, that it would not feel good to play. Wii U has an Online Infrastructure, Devs just have to use it. Nintendo decided to not offer online play in a Mario game and you guys act like Nintendo has no idea. They had a good online mode with Mario Kart Wii, that is a game from how long ago? Having decided to have no online in a game and having bad online, are totally different things. It has a normal online network, I think it is funny, how haters shout out the bad online card, as it is something that exists. Can anyone please specify it further, because the games that have online multiplayer, have normal online multiplayer...

N4g_null1681d ago

Hosting works fine you can even run two whole screens on the wiiu and the hosting works great.

Stop talking about what you don't know about.

wonderfulmonkeyman1681d ago

Rarely, if ever, do I get frame rate drops, and if I ever do, that's down to my weak connection, not the infrastructure.
So, no, the infrastructure is fine.

imXify1681d ago

Framedrop while hosting has been a common thing in CoD Wii/WiiU games since Black Ops 1 on the Wii. The host gets hit with everything and end up with low frame rates at some point. While every other players have a fine and stable framerate. You say it's fine because you mostly don't host matches.

Been playing this series actively since Modern Warfare Reflex.

imXify1681d ago

Well okay. N4G people seems IGNORANT again so here's my sources. 99% sure those dislikes are from people who never played Wii/WiiU CoD games.

#1 : http://community.callofduty...

"I've heard you get framerate drops on maps like Sovereign (if that's how you spell it) when you're host and I get framerate drops on that map all the time. Does that map just not run smooth? Or am I hosting every match? I can't tell." -

"idk about the framerate drops. maybe something to do with all the moving machinery and railcars and whatnot? that would be my guess..."

"Only happens when I ADS and try to move the cursor. I'll have to pay attention to see if it does it all them time, or only in this "i'm the host" scenario that you described above." -

#2 : http://community.callofduty...

"Hosting a match and using the wii remote causes the game to be unplayable If you happen to have a fast internet. Mine is 120mb down 10mb up with fast ping times in general. Uk based" -

#3 : ( This guy is a veteran wii player with 57k subs on youtube ) http://community.callofduty...

"I have heard players (myself included) giving out about connection in CoD online games since World at War, so I don't think it's a Ghosts specific problem. Host connection still seems dodgy with ADS framerate drops (that was the same case in Black Ops Wii)"

"Anyway, I've been getting a lot of framerate drops on that map when I ADS, but I could have been host. I'm not sure. I don't know how to tell when I'm the host and I wasn't paying that much attention anyway. But I died more times than I should have because I didn't expect a framerate studder right when I tried to aim." -

And even with the lastest patch. I don't play because the game started freezing like crazy -> http://community.callofduty...

N4g_null1681d ago

I play over a phone router and don't get these problems. I only use the wiiu motion plus to play also. Have not had these problems. Maybe the UK just got a bad network? I don't know.

hatsume-miku1681d ago

Honestly... not. Not everybody likes to play online. I love single player games like Zelda or Metroid. And I don't want these games to go multiplayer just because everything else is that way.

BosSSyndrome1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

They wouldnt. They would simply have an extra option. The local mutiplayer and single player modes of brawl and mkwii werent held back by the game having online.
More options is never a bad thing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1681d ago

There are some games that do not benefit from always having multiplayer modes, though.
Zelda and Metroid are only two such examples.
Putting effort into multiplayer modes that aren't needed and likely won't be played much in the long run only takes away from time that could be spent making the single player adventure even better.

pcz1681d ago

absolutely no noteworthy news.

DC7771681d ago

Big speech last month but apparently the have no plans to do a thing about it. Just the same wait 3-4 months for the next game. No major news. No major changes.

Its a shame really because just a few online games would really even out the console. In the meantime it just feels like its missing something. The don't go out and grab a DCUO or a Diablo 3 or even create their own new online ip. Its a great little machine but it could use a little more variety and a better online infrastructure.

pcz1681d ago

its a shambles.

i think nintendo have messed up big time with the wiiu.

there must be a big problem right at the top of the company at the moment for the whole project to be without direction as it is now.

Realplaya1681d ago

You come on every wii u article and blast it. If Mario Kart comes out and pushes systems and software and is the highest rated game ever are you going to be ready for a Crow sandwich?

pcz1681d ago

not even mario kart can save the wiiu

the videos ive seen for it are underwhelming too, so i doubt it will even be highly regarded critically

R00bot1681d ago

Who gave you your bubbles back? All you do is troll Nintendo articles.

MNGamer-N1681d ago

He started a new account. An expert troll. Don't feed it.

pcz1681d ago

just because i am critical doesnt make me a troll.

maybe always being optimistic to the point of being delusional, and not accepting the facts is another form of trolling.

like many people who see the wiiu failing, also see the sales figures but refuse to accept the truth and instead make excuses for it.

that is the same as trolling.

just because you dont like what i say doesnt make me a troll.

my bubbles were taken from me by that delusional optimism breed of troll

Chrischi19881681d ago

you are not critical. Critical is pointing out bad things in a professional way, you want to tell me, it is not trolling with your "Ugh Wii U" above? Sure^^

MNGamer-N1681d ago

I still think Pikmin 3 bingo battle online could have been something extra special. It's a shame. Still a good game though but online would have made it sooo much better. I don;t always have a person at home to play against.