Is The Lack Of Female Protagonists Really Sexism?

There has been an increase in "sexism" articles lately due to the low amount of female protagonists. But is this really sexism? In order to avoid opinions and knee jerk reactions, I looked at the basic and fundamental differences between men and women along with how we tend to react in situations.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1733d ago

no, its just a reason to make an argument. but me myself won't really buy a story driven game with a female protagonist. i just can't for some reason i feel weak controlling the woman lol i rather have a guy no homo

Septic1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Lol really?! That is insane lol. You feel weaker when controlling a woman? That is weird.

I'm willing to be Lara Croft would squat more than you. If she existed....maybe..

Personally, the gender to me is such a non-issue. Playing a chick or man, as long as the character is properly fleshed out (no pun intended) and fits the game world, I don't really care.

UltimateMaster1733d ago

Vote with likes/dislikes

iamtehpwn1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

While I won't comment whether I personally think Lightning is a good character or not--as a girl character, Lightning physical character design in XIII and XIII-2 and personality type do at least avoid female stereotypes and over-sexualization. Square Enix though, generally speaking in their Pre-Toriyama days, has always been pretty good about making great female characters.

killbillvolume121733d ago

@ UltimateMaster you leave lightning alone. She is set up to be married to the CEO of Square Enix.

UltimateMaster1732d ago

I actually like Lightning.
I just polled people to see if they like or dislike her.

I do want to see more woman in games as main characters.

Anthotis1733d ago

I wouldn't want to play as a woman either. Cast as many buzzwords like "sexism" as you want, they don't effect me.

Why there aren't more female fronted games? Dunno. Play any MMORPG and you'll find a vast number of beta males create female characters. Usually with wings and tails.

The market is definitely there.

aLucidMind1733d ago

Gotta ask, how is a guy playing a female character in a game that gives the the option which sex to play as automatically a 'beta male'? I know several guys who play females when games give the option simply due to the fact that there aren't many strong female protagonists, making it more refreshing. Of course, the guys I'm referring to aren't the ones trying to make them look like strippers like a lot of guys on MMORPGs.

Hicken1733d ago

@Anthotis: When I read comments like yours, I see mostly insecurity with your own masculinity.

I can play with male or female characters. In games like MMOs and such, I choose females cuz I'd rather be looking at one for the next 200+ hours, if I have a choice.

Simply put: I'm a fan of the female form. That "beta male" bull crap is just you trying to assert your own masculinity by trying to downplay that of others. Like the guys who have to call everything "gay." It screams that you're insecure in your manhood.

OT: It's not sexism, but more a product of the market. There just isn't as much a desire for female leads as there are for males. And a lot of it has to do with insecure guys like Anthotis, here. It's the type of person who shouldn't have a daughter, cuz he'd never be able to play with her.

People latch on to it being sexism because it's a gender disparity that suits their needs. Like when they claim 40% of gamers are female, but don't clarify that the majority of them don't play any more than mobile or Facebook games regularly, as opposed to the percentage of males that do the same. These things are important details that are intentionally left out, because they don't paint the picture the "feminists" want people to see.

PoSTedUP1732d ago

i like female protagonists and create them all the time, actually prefer them. now check out my video on youtube: Boxer Puches Metal Support Beam 20 Times As Hard As He Can, and tell me im a beta male.

Anthotis1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


Your preference for staring at a female creation for 200+ shows who is the truly insecure one, as having an unrealistically buff dude in front of you for prolonged periods would obviously stir up some uncomfortable emotions in you...


I won't view your video, as the title alone describes try hard betatude of epic proportions.

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malokevi1733d ago

I'll agree that it's just another place for feminists to plant their flag... but avoiding female protagonists altogether? That's just limiting yourself for no good reason.

solar1733d ago

politics and the PC world dont need to find there way into every aspect of entertainment. just let us play our games

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admiralvic1733d ago

"Is The Lack Of Female Protagonists Really Sexism?"

Nope, it's just your standard prejudice argument. To put it simply, these groups / people go into a situation, like gaming, and look for anything / everything that supports their prejudice. This, like a lot of things, don't actually have a hidden meaning that needs to be dissected or thought about with hidden agendas attached. However, I do think companies need to be more open to trying a female protagonists.

Am_Ryder1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

What you and many others don't have information on or understanding of is the difference between "structural sexism" and "sexism".

"Sexism" is a term which is in everyone's lexicon nowadays, and is frequently bashed as an excuse for people just to get on their high-horse. An excuse for people to enter discussions with confirmation-bias, like you say. I think this article makes a mistake using the phrase "sexism."

"Structural sexism" is a phrase which is barely active in our lexicon.

Structural sexism essentially means that sexism ISN'T intentional. The fact that very few games have female protagonists isn't an intentional thing- it's not plain ole "sexism". These creators haven't arbitrarily decided that women aren't relevant enough to be in the foreground.

They may be, however, captured under the umbrella of structural sexism- which means that our whole way of thinking, our presumptions about everything are male-oriented. It doesn't mean they dislike women or go out of their way to misrepresent them- it just means our society, at a base level, thinks different things about men and women, and that this is an erroneous fact.

I'm not saying this is the case in this argument, but I felt your comment misread the sexism they talk about in this article as an argument of confirmation bias (which it isn't.)

Once your worldview attunes to structural sexism, you notice that the vast majority of things that humans ever do (and ever have done) favour men over women. And it's not intentional- it's a structural pattern which we barely even notice.

When people write articles like this, they might not be taking a confirmation-biased approach to the subject, but looking at how our culture currently programmes our minds to work favouring men over women.

Again, I'm not saying all of this is right or gospel, but felt this might help understand why people go on about it so much. Chances are I'm going to get a million disagrees for this comment, but whatever. That's N4G. Hope it helped in any way.

Chapter111733d ago

Hold on, let me get my fedora and neck beard for this.

kingdip901733d ago


Most game makers are male, and when people make a story they draw on their own fantasies which are usually an empowerment of themselves or characters like themselves.

male game developers identify better with male characters that's all.

I'm by no means saying that story tellers are incapable of writing/creating a female protagonist just that they are more likely to create one that relates more to them and their idea of powerful.

yewles11733d ago

""Is The Lack Of Female Protagonists Really Sexism?"

No, just a lack of creativity ATM...

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