Can Microsoft Boost Flagging Sales Of The Xbox One Console With Its New Game Titanfall?

When most firms start suffering from dwindling sales, they might call in a team of auditors or hire a new advertising agency. When video-game companies run into trouble, they summon giant, gun-toting robots. Or at least Microsoft has done with Titanfall, a much-hyped first-person shooter that it's hoped will revitalise the fortunes of the Xbox One console.

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Axios23488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )


Almost 4m sales into 13 countries a little over 3 months is "flagging", lol

I guess that means the PS1, PS2, PS3 were all flagging.

But then why did Sony provide sales numbers of all it's last gen consoles to show that the PS4 is selling well into 57 countries if their figures are all flagging?

For an apples to apples comparison(except for the 1 week PS4 head start), the US sales just came out showing PS4 a little under 2.6m and X1 a little over 2.3m, so I guess that's flagging.

The uninformed like to deceive ppl into thinking Xbox doesn't sell outside the US but last gen only 45m of the 80+m sales were in North America. I guess 35m sales to 38 countries outside NA is flagging as well, lol.

Kingthrash3603488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

why do people bring up the country numbers to defend the sales?
its ms's fault not to release it in over 13 countries.
which may be due to the kinect not being able to support the languages...which in turn is also ms's fault..forcing it like they did. no one else's
you can twist and twist but ps4 is out selling ms in all countries for a reason and mostly due to ..bang for buck.
x1= $500 and less power
ps4= $400 and more power.
thats the main draw
love it, hate it, but its fact.
i wont even mention the paywalls and batteries and camera pr bs.

Gozer3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Ahhh Kingthrash you don't miss a beat do you? The X1 is comparable in power to the ps4. A couple top devs that have had hands on time with both have said the power difference isn't significant.
I don't see the same "bang for buck" ratio you do either. The ps4 cant connect my whole entertainment center to one device.The ps4 doesn't offer voice control for all those devices either. What kind of tablet and cellphone apps does the ps4 offer? What about dedicated servers for online games? What about Skype?What about game dvr that actually works the way it should? The X1s a totally different experience than the ps4.

BitbyDeath3488d ago

It is an interesting topic, it can't be because MS can't produce more than 300,000 consoles a month.

Must either be Kinect languages or possibly even Azure not being widely available.

BX813488d ago

Oh thrash you silly goose! They bring up only in 13 countries because the xb1 only released in 13 countries. For the price point and the whole shooting them self in the foot at e3 MS is in excellent position.

lelo3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

More power is an advantage, but it's not the main advantage to sell a console. The PS2 was much weaker then the original Xbox, but sold way more.

In present time the PS4 has an advantage over the X1 mainly due to 3 points:
- first party exclusive games
- PSN+ with it's offerings
- cheaper console

If Microsoft improved those 3 points, maybe (big maybe) it could approach the PS4 in world sales.

Angeljuice3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )


Those articles are so old (and for every one you'll find a hundred saying how PS4 is significantly more powerful).

You actually use the Carmack interview where he says he hasn't benchmarked the machines yet!!! Guess what, they have now been benchmarked and the results are in (see if you can guess the results).

Try finding an article written AFTER the consoles launched, or alternatively, you could continue on your present course and refer back to articles written before the final specs were known.

mhunterjr3488d ago

It's not a matter of 'fault', it's a question of whether or not making the device available to more people would have a positive impact on sales

DigitalRaptor3488d ago

@ Gozer

Do you just brush over things that are posted and then just keep repeating garbage that you believe cannot be refuted?

I rebutted all three of those links you sent a few days ago:

1) First link. Carmack never performed benchmark tests to prove this.

2) Second link. Kojima is releasing a next-gen game this month where the PS4 version is 1080p/60fps, with exclusive effects for this version, and the Xbone version runs at last gen resolution 720p with no special next-gen effects.

3) Third link. Wait until Watch_Dogs actually comes out, and we'll see for ourselves. in the mean time: http://n4g.com/news/1469656...

Read... and learn. and then don't bother posting those links again.

Gozer3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

@ DigitalRptr
Your post doesnt disprove anything I posted. All those developers have had time with both the X1 and ps4. And have stated they are comparable in power. All had had hands on time with both consoles at the time of those stories. Yu are just butt hurt that it doesn't support you pro-sony agenda.

I don't see anyone posting any links that disprove my point either.

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corvusmd3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Exactly...anytime I see a headline I can instantly dismiss it as angry fanboy ranting...how is breaking past records "flagging"? It's annoying how ignorant and childish this community has become.

Kingthrash...I don't think people are using the country thing as an "excuse", but a reason. Of course it's MS's fault/decision to release it where they want...but it DOES still mean that all those markets they aren't in come out of their sales totals. Next Christmas things will even out..I just want it to stay competitive all gen.

DigitalRaptor3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Hmmm.... shall we not use the same standards used last gen? Shall we be muted because you can give it, but you can't and don't want to take the same dealings?

PS3 was met with doom and gloom about both games and sales the majority of last-gen.

It may not have sold as well as PS2 (did you expect it to?) but it was the fastest selling console on the market, and outsold the 360 year-on-year, pretty much every year, but still got hate for "being dead last". PS3 also had a wide selection of exclusives ranging from decent to great, each and every year, but was still met with "PS3 has no gaemz".

However, the problem here is.... Microsoft has no relevant GLOBAL market for Xbone. They are being outsold 5:1 in Europe (Xbone being outsold by Vita and Wii U), 2:1 in the land where they always have boasted about being most important to lead in, and Japan/Asia is a joke for them.


"It's annoying how ignorant and childish this community has become."

Looking at your comment history, it's clear you're only saying this now because you realise that all your continued anti-PS4 trolling was a lost cause. Now you stealth troll instead, congrats.

Kingthrash3603488d ago

how open will thos markets be? markets that infact perfer ps brand over xbox. tell me which country favors xbox more than ps brand that x1 isnt releasesd in yet?... i'll wait.

Chevalier3488d ago

Really which country of those 13 countries are Xbox One beating PS4?! If your answers NONE then how does having more countries help them if they can't even beat Sony in ONE country?! You think more countries are instantly going to improve sale for them? I don't know if you've walked into your local stores and found piles of Xbox Ones and ZERO PS4's isn't a big enough clue?

I have had 7 Xbox Ones sitting in my backroom since last week. If it weren't for Titanfall bundles we would have a count of exactly 2 sales in 2 weeks! The Best Buy near my work has 50 Xbox Ones sitting on their shelves unsold. So does my Walmart and every retailer around.

If you think Titanfall is more than a blip in unit sales you'd be mistaken. It won't last. I currently have a full stock of Titanfall in my EB Games and today from open till 6 PM we sold a whole whopping 2 copies of Titanfall on Xbox One. Yeah that was a really quick drop off.

SquillieDeeWilliams3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

You do realize that the vast majority of XB1 owners download their games digitally right? Most of us see absolutely no reason to go to a store and buy a physical copy.

ThePope3488d ago

You spend too much time at retailers asking about Xbox stock lol.

Automatic793488d ago

@ chevalier

You have nothing better to do then check stock out for X1.

classic193488d ago

lol dnt bring the hole 57 country stuff up. most of them countries didn't evern receive a 1'000 ps4 to sell. the fact is that ps4 is winning in pretty much all the big launch countries yup.. in im not grasping..=)

MRMagoo1233488d ago

PS4 is winning in every country big or not lol Xbone isnt ahead in any country it is released in.

hollabox3488d ago

Hack writers wanting attention to their website. How did this crap get approved, this crap should be reported as trolling.

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Kingthrash3603488d ago

game not only on x1, so not really. 360/pc has a bigger install base and may sell more because of this.
also, alot of people have bought a ps4 recently and may not be will to shell out another 500 because of tf.
this is the wrong game at the wrong time...they might boost sales a lil, but most who bought a x1 for tf already did at launch...otherwise most sales will goto 360 and pc...mine went to pc. my store still has a full stock of tf bundles..so does the gamstops by my house. i dont think it sold the x1...but the game itself will be a success. ms tried to ride tf bought it away from a ps4 release and still wont sell many consoles.
if it was only on x1...that would have been a different story.

Kiwi663488d ago

yet at my local eb games they still have most of the ps4's that they got sent last month sitting in their storeroom and they got sent 20 but have only sold 7 and yet they sold out of TF bundles which totaled 18 so thats 18 xbox ones just there and they said that the reason they haven't moved anymore ps4's is because people say they will wait until the next shipment which eb games can't get until they sell the ones they have now

The_devils_chum3488d ago

I havent even seen an actual ps4 retail box since october, frankly i dont believe you.

ThePope3488d ago


I have no idea if what he's saying is true. But I do know if you think that since you haven't seen a ps4 (which I find hard to believe) that they have never sat on a shelf. I've seen ps4s at multiple retailers. And yes that's what you're attempting to infer.

Kingthrash3603488d ago

its a big world...send some to my area pls...we needs um

B1uBurneR3488d ago

Better question can MS X1 take a breath

BX813488d ago

No time at this point and neither can Sony. It's going to be a push until next year I think. Ms and Sony have a huge task ahead of them for this holiday season.

vikingland13488d ago

NPD numbers show a different story than what Maria would like us to believe.

deviouslight3488d ago

This is a uk article npd wouldnt tell a different story since it is us only. The Xbox one isnt doing well outside the us and behind the ps4 in its own terf thats the problem.

vikingland13488d ago

And the PS4 sales are down in Japan so what.

Batnut003488d ago

I picked it up for Titanfall, def a great game and now own two next-gen consoles. So happy.