New EA Sports UFC Roster screenshots

Six new screenshots released for the upcoming EA Sports UFC including Carmont, Hendricks, Condit, Junior Dos Santos and Lyoto Machida

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FITgamer1679d ago

It could just be the facial expression, but Condit model looks off.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Really excited to try out the game though

FITgamer1679d ago

Me too, MMA and video games are my all time favorite hobbies.


Yeah, the UFC games have always been my favourite but the EA Sports MMA game did a good job so excited to see the two combine forces

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I'm sure its the expression. The only model I've seen so far that looks off was Benson Henderson. Condit is a beast and I can't wait til he gets another title shot after he beats Woodley.

And I just saw they fixed Hendersons model.

iosgamer1679d ago

From what I have seen this game is looking pretty sharp in live action.

Anthotis1679d ago

Carmont and JDS look spot on.

BX811679d ago

Can't wait for more gameplay and features!

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