How Low Will The Xbox One Price Have to Go

After Maplin Reporting a new all time low price on Xbox One

We look at what direction the price may have to goto in future

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SilentGuard1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

$350 without Kinect would be reasonable.

darthv721679d ago

At some point both will be reduced to that sweet spot of $299 or even $199. it would not surprise me if sony just makes the camera a standard pack-in. And Ms wont be dropping kinect no matter how much people want that to happen.

if the inclusion of kinect is the turn off to buying an XB1 then there really is no interest in the first place. People will just make up some other excuse if/when the price drops to a more reasonable level.

Maybe one will dog died so i had to comfort myself by spending the money i had set aside for an xb1 on a hooker.

MeknSence1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

"How low will the Xbone have to go" before I buy one? Well:

1) Do an entire overhaul on the architecture
2) Remove the "Kinect"
3) Show us talents from your 1st party studios and have 1st party like "Rare" create excellent games like they did back at Nintendo instead of try buying other studio games.
4) Give us the option to upgrade harddrive without it affecting our warranty.
5) Make F2P actually F2P without the live paywall.
6) Keep the price competitive

Otherwise, no thanks. Not even if it's free.

rdgneoz31679d ago

"if the inclusion of kinect is the turn off to buying an XB1 then there really is no interest in the first place."

The reason the PS camera is doing so well is because its optional, and people like options. Hell, Sony didn't expect to run low on inventory with so many people buying them (some stores are charging 3x the price since there's low stock).

And at the moment, the weaker system has a mandatory camera and costs $100 more (why buy a weaker system for more?). Reduce it below the PS4 and make the camera optional, and you'll see people get it.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1679d ago

deff gotta wait 2+ years for that price

Evilsnuggle1679d ago

Is Right I see that x1 is worth 350 currently now at this point in time. You could make the case that the Kincet is worth a extra $50. But you would be hard pressed to find core gamers willing to pay for Kincet. The PS4 Is More Powerful Than X1 Hardware So It Makes Sense To Cost More Than x1.

lelo1679d ago

"$350 without Kinect would be reasonable."

I agree. Microsoft needs a Kinectless X1 cheaper then the PS4, if they want to compete with Sony.

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bobsmith1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

around 100 cheaper than ps4 no kinect and free online or give good free games like ps plus
and come with rechargeable controller
thats how much xbone sucks compared to ps4

Unreal011679d ago

£50 with Titanfall and Forza thrown in for free. I think that's fair. Maybe a controller, mmm yes, and a nice headsaet also.

IRapeLolis1679d ago

Until they pay me to buy one.

Grave1679d ago

$349.99 w/ no Kinect.

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The story is too old to be commented.