New Gameplay Teaser for Among the Sleep Released, Looks Super Creepy

OnlySP: A new gameplay teaser for Among the Sleep has been released. Don’t forget a change of diapers before you watch it.

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Thatguy-3101680d ago

Hopefully this comes to the ps4

SolidGear31680d ago

It is .. beware what you wish for .. bwahahaha! :3

Clover9041679d ago

Wonder if this will be using the PlayStation VR headset? It has Oculus Rift support on the PC. Suppose to be really trippy to have the perspective of a baby and seeing the world so big all around you.

CrossingEden1680d ago

It's 2scary4me.... (._. )

Meltic1680d ago

so its just run and hide ?..

Thatguy-3101679d ago

Yea pretty much. I played a small trial on pc and what's cool about it is that you're a toddler. The whole playing field changes and it's cool to watch how you interact with the environment from a toddlers perspective.

Meltic1679d ago

cool. I dont mind trying the game out :)

Neonridr1680d ago

looking forward to this game. Backed it what seemed like forever ago.