Discuss This: Should Uncharted on PS4 Cut Out Multiplayer?

OnlySP: Discuss This is a series in which some of OnlySP’s writers get together to discuss a certain topic. Today, we’re discussing whether or not the Uncharted series should cut out its multiplayer mode to become a single player only game. Nathan Hughes and I each have an opinion, and we will try to convince you why we think Uncharted should or shouldn’t be a single player only game.

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WillGuitarGuy1684d ago

If it does end up having multiplayer I'd want it to be fleshed out months in advance.

Hatsune-Miku1684d ago

Uncharted 2 and uncharted 3 multiplayer are amazing so uncharted 4 I would say should have online multiplayer

Eonjay1684d ago

Exactly. Why would they suddenly stop including multiplayer? Multiplayer has never taken anything away from Uncharted's story.

BitbyDeath1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Uncharted 2 had the better multiplayer.
They need to go back to that... imo

Although that said I don't care if it has any multiplayer, game is all about the story.

Kingthrash3601684d ago

i could care less uncharted mp was awsome and its sp was of the more complete games of its time...but right now...i want a trailer show me something. i know it will be epic..just my impatience level for awsomeness is short.. infamous should hold me over till e3

sonarus1684d ago

Agreed had tremendous fun playing uncharted multiplayer so i definitely want to see it on ps4

Matt6661684d ago

I never played on the MP on uncharted so it wouldn't effect me. I find the single player is good enough.

raWfodog1684d ago

I've never played the MP on any of the Uncharted games. It never interested me personally but if they can continue including MP without it taking away from the single player game then go for it.

abzdine1684d ago

no they shouldn't cut it cause it's lots of fun and people are still playing it daily.

ramiuk11684d ago

UC 3 controls killed it for me,need to go back to uncharted 1/2 senstivity etc.
didnt play online

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-Foxtrot1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I'd rather they just cut back a little, focus more on the single player and make the online like Uncharted 2s

It didn't need upgradable boosters, Kickbacks, loadouts, weapon mods, paid boosters etc

It made the online seem like every other typical online game when the second Uncharted was simple but fun. It was a game which awarded you for skill, it wasn't something where if you leave it for a few weeks you would be outnumbered with all the powerful unlocks people have unlocked

They should remove loadouts and make it so weapons are randomly generated on the map. The only gun you get to change is your pistol, you can either have a pistol (all rounder), shorty (powerful but less ammo and slow) or a revolver (accurate but slow rate of fire).

I think this game is more suited to weapon customization. Since everyone would start off with the same primary weapon, the AK-47 you should be able to customize it the way you like. For example you could unlock a Jak and Daxter gun part to make it look futuristic or maybe have some Crash Bandicoot skins on it.

We shouldn't have weapon mods aswell since it just makes it more about what weapon you've unlocked instead of your actual skill, something Uncharted 2 did so well.

So yeah....less is more.

This game has no chance of competing with the big boys like how COD/Killzone/Battlefield/Halo are all stuck into each other, NaughtyDog have even said this themselves even though the apparent reasons for adding those gimmicks in Uncharted 3 was to "compete with the big boys". It should make the game it's own and be separate from the rest

Even the Classic mode in Uncharted 3 didn't feel the same

I never even understood weapon load outs in The Last of Us when the games theme was about less supplies and scavenging. It would of made more sense for you to start of with the same weapons and scavenge for weapon parts in the map

Son_of_Megaman1684d ago

I agree with EVERY single word of this comment lol. Uncharted 2 was damn near perfect to me as far as what I was looking for. Something fun that was nothing like a CoD game or anything else. and then they kinda ruined that on U3. I'm hoping, like you, that they go back to what made the multiplayer great

Spenok1684d ago

I say no. The MP in both UC2 and UC3 was actually very fun. Sure, they were far from perfect. But still a worthy addition to the games.

3-4-51684d ago

That multiplayer will just add replay value to the game hopefully, unless it takes away from the single player.

I needs to be it's own thing though.

Evilsnuggle1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I hate uncharted single player I tried to like it but I hate platform games. I own uncharted 2 and 3 uncharted 2 is my favorite multiplayer game of all times. Sony needs to step its multiplayer exclusive up . The reasons why people pay for xbox live and play 360 is online multiplayer . Sony will let Microsoft back in the console race if they don't win over 360 gamers with first party exclusive multiplayer games like soscom 2 and more fps exclusive multiplayer games. Microsoft does know what 13-25 years want that is online multiplayer games Sony needs to do a better job on first party online multiplayer games. Me to didn't like the arcade feel of UC3 like the more real UC2 no kick backs did like weapon mods.

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Philoctetes1684d ago

Um, nope. Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, and TLOU managed to combine top-notch SP campaigns with pretty darn good MP. ND has proven that they can pull this off -- no reason to change it now.

M1GO1684d ago

If it's like TLOU, then yes, but if it's just a run-n-gun fest like the recent Tomb Raider, or Max Payne, then no thanks - I'd rather they spend the time making the game bigger, better, more awesome...

PockyKing1684d ago

Personally, and no I didn't take part in this article, I want the PS4 to come out with it's own definitive MP TPS. TLOU was a good start for creating unique experiences with TPS on the PS4, but PS4 needs a new SOCOM esque series.

linkenski1684d ago

Uncharted 3 was PS3's Halo Reach IMO. They should definitely try at it again, or at least bring Uncharted 3's MP mode in 1080p 60fps on PS4 as compensation :P

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