Titanfall on Xbox One Versus PC

Have you been wondering if you should be getting Titanfall on the PC or XBOX One? Well there are a number of factors to consider such as controls, gameplay, compatibility and graphics. Here are some of my experiences on both and a great video comparison of the graphics to help you make your choice.

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bandit9051679d ago

i think the xbox one copy holds up pretty damn good considering its rendered in 792p then up scaled to 1080p great job respawn

die_fiend1679d ago

Looks really poor for a supposed AAA exclusive in terms of graphics. I'd be disappointed

ThePope1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

If the only reason you play games is for graphics, then yes be dissapointed.

The rest of us who have had to take a break after a few matches, because the action is so intense, will continue to be very happy.


dcbronco1679d ago

Wait. The PC version looks better than the console version? How is that possible. It's never happened before.

Sethry1011679d ago

Then they must have really under done the PC version. No consol game should be on pare with a PC game on a high end pc on max settings, maybe a low end PC.

Not a PC fanboy but that's just a fact, consol games can look great but if the PC version is not under done then it should always be better on max.

kopicha1679d ago


what are you talking? PC have always got the better looking version all these time when compared to the console counterpart.


The "rest of us" is solely just you. Dont make yourself like you represent everyone else who plays the game. That is just something the dev attempt to hype over due to the player count issue. No way the game is that intense that you really need to stop playing after a few match.


HomerDog1679d ago

they look the same. only a fanboy and hater would say otherwise

DoesUs1679d ago

They really don't. take your XBox goggles off.

UltraNova1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

They are pretty close I have to admit bit it strikes me as odd..since when PC games on max look more or less the same with their console counterpart?

Is that engine so weak afterall?

Tedakin1679d ago

Go check the IGN boards. Fanboys are saying there's a MASSIVE difference between these 2. If you think otherwise you need glasses. I see none except for a neon sign at a bar. I just hope Respawn can do what they're hoping and get the frameate to locked 60 on xbone. Game is incredible.

buttclown1679d ago

I can't say I have seen the comparisons because I haven't really had the desire to and my vision is also kind of bad, but definitely agree that this game is incredibly fun and fast paced.

SaturdayNightBeaver1679d ago

Respawn didn't wanted any other differences , only thing that separates them is resolution ,more stable fps and higher AA available on PC. All in all game looks poor and nothing worth any comparisons.

zeuanimals1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

There's a ton of dips in both versions, though, and it looks like a last-gen game. It also runs really bad on AMD cards. I'm fine with the graphics but there's no reason it should be running the way it does while looking the way it does.

Hopefully they release patches soon. I don't want the sequel to run on Source either, and hopefully the sequel is better optimized at launch.

AngelicIceDiamond1679d ago

Its that engine. Yeah its heavily modified but heavily modified will never be as good as the real updated version.

dips, 792p on X1.

Its a cheap engine that Respawn decided to use. Considering they are a new studio and they don't have the proper funds adopt a proper and better engine.

NaAsAr1679d ago

I have a 7950 @ 1200/1530 and the dips you are stating about AMD cards isn't totally accurate. I haven't seen it dip below 52 FPS at 1080p w/8xmsaa and 16xaf on insane.

the 52fps is extreme cases btw.

Si-Fly1679d ago

The great thing is that most Xbox One owners seem unable to discern a difference between upscaled and native resolutions which holds them in good stead for the next 5 years.

mkis0071679d ago

I was just thinking the situation kinda works out...most xbox one guys don't notice resolution differences between 720 and 1080...while most PlayStation guys do...everybody wins. :)

No_Limit1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

".most xbox one guys don't notice resolution differences between 720 and 1080...while most PlayStation guys do...everybody wins. :) "

Except when it comes to KZ:SS multiplayer. :)

Utalkin2me1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

It's nice to see people trying down play the resolution thing. Lets just say this. If a game was running 720p on both consoles, which one would look alot better? Do you think the extra power that it took to render 1080p would not be used for better textures, effects and framerate etc? More power is more power regardless of how you slice it.

mkis0071679d ago

/agree Utalkin2me increase the resolution load on xboxone the frame rate will start suffer.

I was trying to be underhanded..,as no_limit was. It is all in good fun as I haven't touched KZ multiplayer yet... not a big multiplayer guy.

sgtGanGreen1679d ago

So ps4 guys did notice 960x1080p resolution on their no1 game?

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