The Console War: Several Months In, I’m Going PS4

With the console war in full swing, many gamers have yet to make their choice.

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Hatsune-Miku1683d ago

Well ps4 is the best valued next gen video game that is the best choice for smart core gamers. Ps4 is also the most powerful console on earth with the best video game online service that offers all sorts of deals, free games and other good deals

Irishguy951683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

God you sound like a robot.

Either way, Ps4 is the most logical choice imo. Unless you are somehow immune to it's exclusives and value. As in, Microsoft have infected your brain with kinect's gimmicky uses.

For me, what stopped me from paying for Xbox live, was when PS+ got good. You just can't argue with that value.

amiga-man1683d ago

The PS4 offers the best value pure and simple, the most powerful yet cheaper option with great 3rd party support, PS+ is the bargain of the century especially if you own a PS3 and a Vita.

to me there is little reason to own an xone with 3rd party performing better on the PS4, spending money on the xone for the few exclusives that are also often available and perform better on the PC is not enough (titanfall a perfect example)

If you only own one console this gen the PS4 is the obvious choice.

Diver1683d ago

just got home an unboxed my ps4. i havent gamed in a long time an I went ps4 months ago.

lolCHILLbro1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Look im not trying to devalue the PS4, i think its a great box, but when i hear you fanboys say things like PSN has the best online service, it really strikes a nerve as PSN has had one of the biggest cyber hacks in history, and i dont think a couple free games makes that go away, so to call it the best when it had a breach of that scale is just ignorant, Playstation has many great things, but the online is NOT thier strong suit, so please dont say that again, thanks

raWfodog1683d ago

Relax dude. He's talking about PS+ and its great gaming deals, etc. as opposed to XB's Games with Gold. At least that's how I took it:

"best video game online service that offers all sorts of deals, free games and other good deals"

LiinoMajire1683d ago

Calm down, child! Stop crying over opinions. XBL cost more, has shitty old games nobody wants and has less features tied to it. It also puts EVERYTHING behind a pay-wall. So, to me, in my opinion, XBL is a VERY sub-par service.

Please stop praising XBL, it's junk, i'm so annoyed! God! /S

DigitalRaptor1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

You know, when I see Microsoft for years making anti-consumer decisions, and see people continue to support them, that is more affecting than someone telling you that one network is better than another.

Sorry dude, but just because PSN is down for maintenance has nothing to do with the quality of its network. A hack that happened in 2011, and where no-one lost any money other than Sony, is not comparable to Microsoft trying to screw us over as gamers and consumers and pretty much making industry-damaging decisions that they were expecting to help them lead the charge this generation.

Still, Irishguy95 was talking about PS+ and how it's the best value in console gaming and wipes the floor with XBL for value. Sony has a fantastic ecosystem across their devices, and offers lots that even XBL doesn't, and much of it for free.

DigitalHope1683d ago

A couple free games?

Someone show this man a list of PS+ games, stat!!

Death1683d ago

What specifically did Microsoft do that has been anti-consumer with the Xbox?

Crystallis1683d ago

Of course online is not their strong suit, Sonys exclusives are their strong suit, but PS+ is still better then XBL.

"""PSN has had one of the biggest cyber hacks in history, and i dont think a couple free games makes that go away, so to call it the best when it had a breach of that scale is just ignorant"""

So when does being attacked by hacker determine how good or bad a service is. People get their gamertags hacked all the time on XBL which makes your argument invalid.

Death1683d ago

Hacking a password isn't the same as hacking a protected network and gaining access to non-encrypted personal information and credit card numbers. Sony was neglegent in the fact that they did not take precautions in protecting our data with something as simple as encryption and then to make matters worse they neglected to tell their customers when it happened. To add insult to injury they required all users to opt out of a class action lawsuit if they wanted to continue to play online with their console. That is pretty damn anti-consumer no matter how you look at it.

Whiskeyjacked871683d ago

To bad we can't hack N4G to make you go away, please don't say anything again, ever!

Majin-vegeta1683d ago


*What specifically did Microsoft do that has been anti-consumer with the Xbox?

Holy crap have you been living under a rock this whole past year??

Crystallis1683d ago

correct me if im wrong, but don't those Gamertags have personal credit card information as well? Oh, and the gamertags are part of that protected network. Hacking is hacking whether its a network or gamertags associated with that network.

MetaReapre1683d ago

My issue with your statement, lolCHILLbro, is that when that hack happened (which wasn't as big of a problem as you are making it out to be, it's not one of the biggest hacks in history, unless your talking about just purely consoles. lol) is that Sony then took the time to redevelop the security of the psn.

While even I can admit it is probably the most well known hack in history because it affected players world wide as the network was shut down, there are far bigger hacks that were more problematic than that of the psn's.

Death1683d ago

I'm shocked that no one can site a specific example of Microsoft's anti-consumer policies with the Xbox. Esentially no one knows why they are anti-consumer, they just know they are. Way to go.

Hacking isn't hacking. If someone guesses your password and accesses your Live account, they can't access your credit card. They can make purchases to your account, but the actual credit card info is encrypted so they can't see it. Sony's servers were hacked and the information stored was not encrypted. That is the issue. PSN accounts are hijacked just like Live accounts when passwords are shared or guessed. It's a good practice to change your passwords on a regular basis. This is something end users can do to protect themselves.

Master-H1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

PSN has the best online service.

Utalkin2me1683d ago


Technically PSN has always been the better value for money. I paid 50 bucks a year on xbox live to have constant host migrations and drops back out to lobbys. Then when i switch to PS3 and PSN, walla all of the was almost gone. Greatest 50 bucks i have ever saved, when i switched to the PS3 and PSN.

And just as same as this gen, PS+ way better of a deal then Xbox live, plain and simple.

cannon88001683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )


Bro, do you even have a playstation console to begin with?

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3-4-51683d ago

Hatsune - I agree with a lot except the PSN being the best online service.

PSN = better games available and a better deal

Xbox live = The PROVEN better service and the online service that works better.

I also was waiting a bit. I've owned a Xbox & 360 since they were released, and 360 is my favorite controller of all time.

Microsoft pushed me to make the only logical choice FOR MYSELF, that I could make, and that is to get a PS4.

Trago13371683d ago

Best online service? LOL

CLEARLY you've never heard of Steam.

Utalkin2me1683d ago

Yeah and it is down as we speak.

3-4-51683d ago

I've never heard of STEAM yet I randomly have 20+ games purchased on it on my computer. That is really weird huh? lol

Anyways, I was talking about consoles, you know between Xbox, Sony & Nintendo, I thought that was pretty much implied by what I typed. My mistake for not being more detailed.

OBVIOUSLY STEAM is great, nobody is debating that.

gamer20131683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Just can't be mature and admit that XBL is better without making silly excuses or bringing up Steam eh? It's no different than someone going on about the power of the PS4 vs the X1 and some butt-hurt fanboy saying; "guess you never heard of the Steam Box." You need to suck it up dude.

He was comparing XBL to PSN btw.

C-H-E-F1683d ago

I would say purchasing a PS3 could be a good move, but you have to think long term. The PS4 will have PS Now come this summer in the US (north america??) and with PS Now you will be able to stream your ps3 games to your ps4 and your ps vita without allocating space on your hdd other than to save the game and possibly update the game... with that being said... Buying a PS4 long term would be the smartest move for you as a gamer. At the end of the day you can only play 1 game at a time. The summer will be here before you know it so Playstation 4 is my overall vote.. either way.. welcome to the team (whenever you make a purchase).

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Tripl3seis1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Getting mine soon cant wait!!!

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

If you didn't buy it yet and want to save some money, Amazon is selling PS4s and X1s in "like new" condition. PS4 is $366 and X1 is $375. The X1 doesn't have kinect too! You won't believe me but I just picked up a "like new" PS4 for $277! I already own one but couldn't pass that up.

raWfodog1683d ago

The hell with "like new", I buy all of my consoles "brand new". I don't want anyone else's problems :)

Tripl3seis1683d ago

I already have an Xbox one at home I just need my ps4 and ill be good

JBSleek1683d ago

I don't personally see the use for a PS4 at the moment but will wait for E3 to see if there is something that catches my eyes. If there is I'll pick one up on Black Friday.

SliceOfTruth8881683d ago

What a waste of a spot on this site, not that its shocking since the headline has something good to do with PS4. My question is how can ANYONE choose a PS4 over Xbone when there is not a single decent exclusive on PS4 (Resogun gets a pass but its free) and Xbone has 2 exclusive 3rd person action games, exclusive hottest FPS to come around since Halo, 1 exclusive next gen fighting game, Great exclusive golf game, great exclusive puzzle game and a great exclusive platformer ALL out right now. When that gets explained to me then i guess it will make sense. And yes i own a PS4 Resogun is amazing, Killzone is horrid and Knack is a snorefest

Ofthingsmanmade1683d ago

I'm basing my decision from the last gen. Currently, I'm not interested in the exclusives on either system. Will I be wrong? Maybe. I was last time as far as exclusives were concerned. This is simply a discussion.

TomahawkX1683d ago

over 6.2 million people have chosen PS4 over X1 because if history is any indication, Sony will deliver on games. It's the waiting that sucks but you can rest assure they will bring it over the next 5-8 years.

JBSleek1683d ago

"over 6.2 million people have chosen PS4 over X1 because if history is any indication, Sony will deliver on games. It's the waiting that sucks but you can rest assure they will bring it over the next 5-8 years."

I disagree. I think the biggest factor was price.If last generation shows anything is that people aren't loyal to brands over generations.

ExPresident1683d ago

Careful, Microsoft is blowing their load right now. Sony has the games, it has the studios. We saw this with every Playstation Console, especially recently with the PS3. While it may be 'dry' for some right now, its not for others. Games are subjective in terms of if they are worth it or not.

But history has shown Microsoft didn't have the same great games list that Sony had during the 360/PS3 so don't hostile about it.

Saito1683d ago

My tells me something. You're hurt inside. Jealousy. It's gnawing at your fiber. YO SOUL! lol Get lost you shitty Xbox fanboy. Nobody needs your bias.

Fz6soldier1683d ago

LOOOOL, hottest Fps since Halo? Only a true fanboy would use such words. check the pre-orders, the only people buying Titanfall are starved Xbone owners. I would even go as far to say it flopped on Pc and 360. And for your info COD 4 came After Halo.

DigitalRaptor1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

The short-term logic is what drives you folks.

Those buying PS4s are doing so because they trust Sony and they trust them to deliver games like they did all of last gen. Millions of people don't trust Microsoft for obvious reasons and think that Sony is doing a better job, since they actually built their system to be more powerful and with a stronger, laser-focus on gaming. It's the strongest console with some great features and the best multiplats. It has the best value - hands-down. It's not hard to see why people are finding PS4 the better option.

We know which is the better company to support and which one will be getting a better and wider diversity of games for now and until the end of this generation. PS4 has its appeal because it made its mark with us fans knowing it would have unprecedented diversity and number of games across the widest variety of genres: indie, AAA, free-to-play, MMOs, Japanese games.

Microsoft's desperate charade to get themselves out of the gutter after they tripped over themselves, is fooling nobody but the fiercely loyal and ignorant. Microsoft signed some contracts with third party developers and publishers to release games for their launch. That is part of the reason why you are saying they have more games. Those kind of contracts are short-term investments.

Sony could've delayed their outstanding 2013 lineup on PS3, to release those games on PS4 - but they didn't cause they have more respect than to starve an audience.

After Titanfall, what does MS have worthy in the near future that we have confirmed? Kinect Sports Rivals is the only one. This is where I bring up "short-term". We all know Sony takes a good year or two to build up their first-party presence to levels where they are unstoppable. We are already getting great PS4 games filling the gaps between big releases.

Evilsnuggle1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I disagree with that I love my $100 paperweight KINECT. It's definitely worth a $100 more for voice commands I could easily do on my controller. I also enjoy having a weaker console that struggles Running games in 1080p and can't run the 10 year old Source engine titanfall or the 15 year old quake 3 Engine COD Ghost at 1080p.

No i reconsider I don't think I want that .The PS4 is outselling the X1 2 to 1. Because it 50% powerful than X1. The PS4 has a faster memory system architect Than the x1. Every game on the PS4 is in 1080p but one that is Battlefield 4 . Battlefield 4 On PS4 has Double the pixels of Battlefield 4 on x1 . This is next-gen right Why does x1 has more games in 720p than in 1080p. 720p was the last gen 360 resolution why should I buy a so called " next-gen " console that runs games at the same resolution of my 360. Also PS4 is less expensive than the x1. Why would anyone buy a x1 over a PS4?

Majin-vegeta1683d ago

cuz we buy these console to game for the next couple of years and not for the launch titles.Enjoy being starved for exclusives again later in the cycle ;)

Major_Glitch1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Why get a PS4 over xbone? Because last generation Sony kept giving us award winning exclusives. Not one xbox exclusive won GOTY. Also because towards the end of last gen MS turned their backs on core gamers, and instead focused on the casual crowd by releasing nothing but shovelware for the kinect. Please tell me you didn't already forget about last gen.

Master-H1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

So the indies on xbox counts , but the ones on ps4 don' it.
Also Ryse is a snorefest in it's own right, Titanfall is also on PC, it's not exclusive, you're gonna list it then add up all of the ps4 titles that're on the PC as well, War Thunder, Outlast, Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV etc

And don't even mention The Fighter Within, the only Kinect title out LuL, plus the thing is a 100$ more than a ps4 while it has weaker specs for what ? for voice commands ? the OS was designed as cluttered as it is to help justify the Kinect imo lol (not to mention a normal headset can do those voice commands)

A lot of sony's first parties haven't shown their ps4 games yet, and Sony has a better reputation when it comes to first party support.
plus over 90% of console games are multiplatform, and the ps4 has the best versions of those so.

People buy consoles to last them the whole gen, not just based on a few launch titles.

_FantasmA_1683d ago

You used the word great so many times in there, that I know you are talking about PS4. Greatness Awaits. M$ and its tools do a good job of selling the PS4. Here's a cookie.

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