Club Nintendo Europe Deals Out Deck Of Premium Mario Playing Cards

Now you’ll be playing with a full deck.

Remember that lavish trio of Mario-themed Power-Up Pouch items that appeared in the Club Nintendo Europe catalog last month? Well, they’re still there. And today, another item has surfaced for members of the Club: a full deck of Premium Mario Playing Cards.

Priced at a solid 3,000 Club Nintendo Stars, members will have the opportunity (while supplied last) to redeem the glossy greatness that features all the coolest characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Bowser, and more — they’re all there, nice and neat, brandishing each of the shiny cards.

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TheSuperior 1733d ago

I want those soooo bad haha but I just used up all my points on that cool bag they had up. Are they exclusive to Europe or did they just appear in the Europe catalog?

admiralvic1733d ago

US got them 2 years ago as a platinum reward and Japan got a better version shortly as a normal reward I think. Either or, the deck looks amazing, though I would also say it looks too good to ever use.

TheSuperior 1733d ago

Oh I see still want them haha I wouldn't use them that's for sure. I have some pokemon plaYing cards, they aren't collectors cards or anything but they sure are neat haha

nintendo_fan_4life1733d ago

It looks like they were offered in North America as a Platinum Reward from 2011-2012.

TheSuperior 1733d ago

Gosh darn it I got gold that year x ( those look awesome tho. I read one of your other articles about nintendo rewards and got that neat bag/carrying case thing :)

BelkingOfSony1732d ago

3000 stars needed. Unfortunately I have only 1000 :(

RetroGam3r1732d ago

Nabbed it, Cheers for the heads up. Still got a few thousand left just in case