Titanfall, Servers & The Problem With Review Scores

NowGamer: "There’s been a bit of an uproar this week. Titanfall reviews landed, but many – such as IGN and Eurogamer – opted not to place a score on their reviews as they wanted to test the game ‘in the wild’.

It’s a noble idea, and one that got me thinking. As a result I ended up having a long discussion with a friend of mine on the topic of review scores."

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GTgamer1681d ago

They did the Same thing with BF4 reviewed before it was in the wild gave it 9/10 and boom when the game launched it was a shitstorm for allot of people it was downright unplayable, that's why it has gained the name Betafield 4 so I really think things like this should be added in review becuz if you watched the review and see the game gets a steller review and you go out to spend money on that game and realize its a bug fest that makes it unplayable then Reviews are render pointless :/.

Neonridr1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Titanfall is nowhere near as bad as BF4 was at launch. And IGN waited, and still gave it an 8.9/10

Kingthrash3601681d ago

and didnt mention anything about framerate drops. they do it for all other fps...just sayin.

Neonridr1681d ago

so of course now the reviews are all bogus right? A game like GTA or TLOU gets high scores and those are justifiable, but Titanfall's high scores must be a huge conspiracy right? EA and Microsoft must have paid off EVERYONE.. give me a break.

AngelicIceDiamond1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

@King The frame rate drops aren't game breaking. Not even close. If that was the case IGN and many other outlets would of said otherwise.

I dunno any other FPS games where they complained about framerates.

When you have 3 or 4 so rock'em sock'em robots goin at it with explosions then the frame rate dips or stutters. Yeah it goes down alright, but like I said its not game breaking. Because I barely even take notice myself.

IMO the media just needs something to complain about. So the frame rate is the perfect candidate.

Imo the game needs more content guns, Titans, maps, ordinance, perks, private lobbies etc, more stable. There's allot there now but we wouldn't mind seeing more.

That's what the game mostly lost points on.

Most here need to play the game and quit absorbing the usual internet chatter and gossip. The framerate isn't even that bad.

iamnsuperman1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


GTA did not deserve those high scores. What happened there wasn't justifiable. That was appalling to see (and the major backlash was deserved)

I feel "When you have 3 or 4 so rock'em sock'em robots goin at it with explosions then the frame rate dips or stutters" isn't a good excuse for framerate drops on a next generation game

rdgneoz31681d ago

@Neonridr GTA Online released broken, which creating a huge sh!t storm for rockstar. As for TLOU, I think all the awards speak for itself. ND made an amazing single player game that had a good MP part to it as well. TF is MP only (that released at the same price), launched with server issues, and has framerate problems.

As for EA, they did release the wonder that is Betafield 4, which still got great reviews...

GTgamer1681d ago

well last Time I checked TLOU and GTA5(exceptfortheMPportion) were playable for everyone day one unlike TF for some Who were stuck looking at a connecting screen so what's your point? :/

oof461681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

@rdgneoz3: While there were valid complaints with GTA Online when it launched, it was nowhere near as bad as the uproar there was with Bf4.

Neonridr1681d ago

I get that some people had problems, but it was nowhere near to the scale of BF4. All I am saying is IGN waited until the game launched and then gave their review.

AngelicIceDiamond1680d ago

@Superman "I feel "When you have 3 or 4 so rock'em sock'em robots goin at it with explosions then the frame rate dips or stutters" isn't a good excuse for framerate drops on a next generation game"

Oh So NOW the games next gen but before it wasn't. There's no excuse to be had?

The game isn't perfect and the last I checked I'm pretty sure most games have problems and issues even on next gen at launch.

If it makes you feel any better they are releasing a patch for the framerate dips.

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mhunterjr1681d ago

Any server issues with TitanFall weren't really enough to effect review scores. Personally, I've had no issues at all. It doesn't make sense to base whether or not you recommend a product soley on your experience in a controlled environment. At the same time, it doesn't make sense to permanently tarnish a games reputation simply because there were a few hours of downtime on a day one.

A review score should be just as reliable at lauch as it it several months down the road. A difficult task when the reliability of servers is a factor. Reviewers should make an effort to hold off reviews until public networks are available, and also take into account how likely issues are to persist.

DaCandyman1680d ago

I tend to not be attracted to reviews from sources that review games that have not made it available to the public. It always seems weighted to me. Why critique a game before you have played along with the public. The reviews seem flawed to me. All for the hit counter because ____ website said it first. How did the game hold up at its peak release hour? Yes as the game gets better over time, follow up with review score updates. _____ game launched with 7.5 but as patches have fixed bugs the game deserves a better score graduate to 8.5. The same if it gets worse. IMHO theredhould not be a single game out there with a perfect score. A perfect game would never get ejected out of the disk drive until its follow up release. Any one playing Titanfall that feels like it deserves a perfect score should have already taken COD ghost back for trade. How long is it going to hold you? 1 week, 1 month etc. Will it tear you away from ____ game or end up a dust collector. A game with longevity gets a better score. Game sites that display reviews prior to launch to me are hit collectors maybe even fanboys in somecases. (WithSarcasm) I'm going to give this game a perfect 10 bcecause they slid me a few dollars under the table or sent me a review copy a month ago while playing on a dedicated server just for usto boost the game for them. Instead of waiting to play with the public and base the review off of what we the public play. Honesty...

BattleTorn1680d ago

I hate that games are becoming "services" and no longer "products"

Inferno301680d ago

I have not had a problem on Titanfall yet minus my controller messing up and rumbling non stop making me loose connection to the system and my player doing a non stop 360 turn.