South Park: The Stick of Truth is More Popular than TitanFall According to Gamefly Statistic

According to it is seen that South park: The Stick of Truth is more popular to rent than Microsoft’s predicted hit exclusive, TitanFall; as of March 13, 2014.

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AceBlazer131680d ago

South Park is a great game that didn't seclude itself to a platform withh the lowest userbase.

TheSuperior 1680d ago

That's probably huge in the terms of renters but even so the Xbox 360 version of South Park is renting out better than the 360 version of TitanFall! TitnalFall should have been for every platform then it would be "The Call of Duty Killer" the Xbox One was the worse way to go lol

NewMonday1680d ago

South Park currently has a better review average, out of the new games Titanfall comes 4th after DarkSouls2, walking dead s2e2 and South Park

DawnOfDon1680d ago


Tianfall isn't even out on 360 yet and there is no release date yet so why would people bother? Also, it is made by a separate developer so who knows how good it will be

TheSuperior 1680d ago

I find this interesting. TitanFall very well could have just held its own in sales more so but that doesn't mean everyone had the money to buy it. I think renting is a way a lot of gamers who cant afford to buy turn to and the fact the South Park is more rented than TitanFall is kind of surprising. never the less I think both games are amazing and their great reviews from multiple outlets can show for that :)

DryBoneKoopa851680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It could be that South Park came out for two consoles not one? Second, Titan Fall is being more so pushed as a next gen tittle. 360 version as far as I know is not out yet so could be why its not really being rented out? Plus there is always digital sales. Hard to say how good a game is doing by rentals alone. (I know its on PC as well but you can't rent PC games lol.)

I wouldn't say its MORE popular then Titan Fall but more of a fact that its more accessible to more people.

I'm just glad to see both tittles are being well received.

(Edited because I forgot it was coming to 360 and PC as well.)

Link2DaFutcha1680d ago

Makes sense to me, Titanfall is more of a multiplayer driven game whereas South Park is single player, major fans will buy it, but for those curious, renting makes a lot more sense.

Neonridr1680d ago

You are comparing PC + XB1 vs PC + XB360 + PS3. Not exactly evenly matched in terms of install bases is it?

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The story is too old to be commented.