The Xbox One Needs A Serious User Interface Overhaul

Forbes "I had my first real experience with Windows 8 last week. After I convinced my father that it was likely not in his best interest to continue using his seven year old Dell laptop that practically had steam pouring out of it whenever it opened a program, I talked him into upgrading to a new computer."

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darthv721683d ago

I cant really comment on the friendliness of the UI for the XB1 but as someone who has experience with both 8 and 8.1 i can say that the improvements of 8.1 outweigh the hindrance of the original 8.

Ms made some really great improvements to make 8.1 much more user friendly and if they look to improve the XB1 dash then I expect the same will happen for that as well.

likeaboss3021683d ago

Windows 8.1 with the upcoming Update 1 makes the user experience even better for keyboard and mouse users.

Septic1683d ago

The X1 UI is pretty decent. I don't think it needs a serious overhaul at all. It just needs more refinements (as does the PS4 one really) and those refinements are coming along quite nicely.

bessy671683d ago

Yeah, I'm actually a fan of the OS. They just need to keep making a few tweaks here and there (allowing apps like Xbox Music and IE to run in the background for instance).

iamnsuperman1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

The PS4 needs to sort out that my library thing. I can see that folder being hard to navigate in the future

MasterGuard081683d ago

I agree. The UI is actually nice but some features like viewing achievements or accepting invites while in a game take quite a bit to actually load up. I learned to keep the Achievement app and Friends app loaded at all times seeing as it loads a lot quicker since they are open in the background.

n4rc1683d ago

I enjoy the ui for the most part.

Just like windows 8, people generally are resistant to change. But once they spend some time with it, they'll get used to it and even prefer it.. If they can get over the initial shock

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-Superman-1683d ago

I still like XB1 dash more. Its faster, easier and nicer. Also, you can make dash how ever you want but with PS4 you can´t do that. Its also so confusing...

TheBrit1683d ago

I don't mind the XB1 dash, I'm getting used to it even though there are still some quirks that I just am not used to but lets be honest, stating 'you can make your dash however you want' is a little open - you can change your pic your avatar and the color scheme but that's it.

Making it 'how you want' is being allowed to put tiles where you want them, resizing them etc.

BTW: What is the point in avatars now??!! I mean they were pretty useless outside of some kinect games on the 360, why are we wasting resources on them still?

sergons1683d ago

Please stop this bs. xbox dash its Much slower.

koolaid2511683d ago

Ps4 dash is bland! and I'm a ps owner I want more from my dashboard.

Brim1683d ago

although i prefer the xbox UI i would have to agree with the Ps4's being faster like @sergons said ... But idk about a complete overhaul it's nice just a little slow sometime especially when dealing with a party ... but i also agree ps4 is kinda bland and could make some adjustments as well ...

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fonger081683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I like both UI's for PS4 and Xbx1. Though there are definite improvements both can make. I don't how to explain it but Xbx1's is very... busy... and not as responsive as I'd like. PS4 is very smooth and responsive but I'm not a huge fan of having all the games in that one crossbar, I'm hoping they'll switch it to how they have a tv section setup for a "games" drop down.

DawnOfDon1683d ago

I like the UI of the X1, I think it is easy to use especially if you use the kinect. There are room for improvement for both X1 and Ps4's but they are fine for now how they are

ThePope1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I agree I've had no real with the X1 UI. I myself have a Windows 8.1 machine, and that's fine too. I dont really ask to much from my UI, except to let me get to programs/apps I want, and don't make it difficult to do so.

I feel the X1 does just that and is even slicker with the voice control. From all the talking I do to my Kinect, I think we might be in a relationship. I mean it's constantly asking me to buy stuff for it. :)

I like it, speed could always be improved, but where in technology can that not be said?

malokevi1683d ago

I barely interact with the UI without Kinect. Without the sensor it takes a bit more time to get from a-b, but with the sensor, I dont see much room for improvement. You literally just say what you want and it's in front of you. How much better can it possibly get?

PONTIAC08G8GT1683d ago

The speed at which things open needs to speed up. Friends list takes longer than the 360 did. Not sure why/how the speed is slower when the X1 is more powerful than the 360.

cruzngta1683d ago

Love the PS4 UI design and speed. No clutter and very elegant. The background music is relaxing as well. MS need to speed up their UI and also the overall boot up time as well - takes forever.

TheBrit1683d ago

Well I assume then you have your xbox in full power off mode and not in low power mode right? You cannot say 'xbox on' and it turns on?? That's why it's slow.

I have mine set for voice activation (also so i automatically get the background updates while i sleep etc) and it takes a few seconds to load up

gamer20131683d ago

Yeah that's nice but this topic is specifically about the X1 UI.

JoseV761683d ago

Ps4 ui is garbage, they need to change that

IRetrouk1683d ago

Now I cant comment on the ones ui because I havnt spent much time with it, but the ps4 ui is excellent, its fast, thought out and tidy, what more do u want? lol

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