Review: Yoshi’s New Island (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "All in all, Yoshi’s New Island is a solid gaming experience. The levels can get challenging, and you’ll certainly have to play through them multiple times to get all the collectibles, adding to the games replay value. There is a multiplayer feature that allows you and a friend to play mini-games together, even if only one of you has a copy of the game. The graphics and music work well together, and truly make Egg Island a beautiful place to explore. The game does fall short at times due to its lack of new enemies or mechanics, but what is new to the game is fun and works well. Despite getting the feeling the game missed out on an opportunity to try more new things, you’re going to enjoy exploring all six worlds of Yoshi’s New Island with the tight controls and satisfying game play."

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Ramon3MR1770d ago

Looking forward to playing this too.

Eonjay1770d ago

Can someone explain the wrath that has been directed at this game.

3-4-51770d ago

I think if the music was like the SNES game, almost all would be forgiven.

Music makes a huge difference in the long term enjoyment and replayability of a game.