Oculus VR Joins with EA and More to Form Immersive Technology Alliance

VRFocus - Oculus VR has joined forces with the likes of videogame publisher EA and others to form the Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA). In reality, this is a simple rebranding of The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance. The revised name reflects the consortium’s expanded focus on new technologies such as virtual reality (VR).

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rodiabloalmeida1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I have a bad premonition about this. Need more information.

JBSleek1682d ago

I think this is good to have a standard for VR.

darthv721682d ago

Virtual Immersive Technology Alliance sounds better. AKA: VITA

stuna11682d ago

I wholeheartedly understand exactly where you're coming from! The battle that will ensue from this will undoubtedly affect the whole gaming industry! I think it also solidifies and also answers the question of if Sony will be showing off their VR tech at GDC, which I'm willing to go on record as saying it will be a "YES"!

Insomnia_841682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I can already see the exclusivity contracts for some VR games between MS and EA seeing how MS has nothing to go against Sony's VR Headset. But Oculus joining with EA?smh. Another win for Sony I guess.

darthv721682d ago

Well, Ms could talk to Sega and have them dust off the plans for the Sega VR headset. Make a few updates and voila....XBVR.

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Eonjay1682d ago

NO! Anyone but EA. It was all going so well...

demonicale6661682d ago


Ittoryu1682d ago

"Oculus VR Joins with EA"-fail

I can see it now Battlefield 47 now with immersive VR headset required.

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