Druckmann Confirms The Last of Us Movie is Game Adaptation

Kenneth Shepard writes: "Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has confirmed that the recently announced The Last of Us movie will follow the game’s story of Joel and Ellie. At the BAFTA Game Awards, Druckmann spoke to IGN about the upcoming film, as well as reiterated Naughty Dog’s views on a sequel to the highly acclaimed PlayStation 3 exclusive."

nope1113726d ago

Why bother? Take away all the mediocre gameplay sections and you got a great movie.

Lovable3726d ago

Haters gonna hate lol

Can't wait for this. imma torrent this.

serratos273726d ago

I'm supporting them and I'll gladly throw my money at them lol.

xHeavYx3726d ago

Most of the strongest moments of this game are cutscenes, so I see nothing wrong with this.
Great for people who didn't get to play video games, great for people who did and enjoyed it

serratos273726d ago

I agree in the sense that it's a great story all on its own but I'm still looking forward to this movie, Neil Druckmann is a great story teller! I honestly believe he wouldn't bother doing this sort of project unless he knew for certain he could pull it off and the fans would enjoy it.

Angeljuice3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

You can't know anything "for certain" when starting a creative project, it just doesn't work that way (too much can go wrong/change).

sipale3726d ago

In my opinion theres absolutely no need for a movie, especially one based on the story of the game. The movie cant possibly reach the emotional level of the game nor the characteristics of Joel and Ellie in a few hours.

kneon3726d ago

There are billions of people that didn't play this game and never will. But plenty of those people would go to see a movie based on the game, if it's done well.

Kivespussi3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

This - games have the potential to become so much more emotional than movies because they last longer. While movie takes ~2 hours it's challenging to make the viewer as emotionally attached. In games like TLOU you are experiencing the journey with the characters so you'll feel stronger bond with characters in game. Also because you can control a character or characters so it creates a feeling like you ARE them.

Games have such a huge story telling potential. It's a shame it's not taken advantage of. Maybe because people don't buy games that are focusing on different categories aside from gameplay and graphics (well of course lot of people do. But mass market is what's holding back this industry)

It's also a shame - well not just a shame it's actually SAD when games like CoD and yearly releases (ESPECIALLY sports games. FIFA is fun. No doubt. But it's even more recycled than CoD) get the most sales and truly innovative games get ignored and when they get ignored they don't generate money which means that devs are unlikely to try innovating when that same-old nets you as much cash.

Point being: Mass market ruins gaming. And fanboys. Who the hell spends their time on arguing on the internet about consoles? Friendly jabs are one thing. Even I do it. But things get out of control with kids. Look at most comments on this website in articles about big AAA games THAT ARE EXCLUSIVE to either side. Fanboys all around.

Edit: oh boy, a single reply turned into a rant. Oh well it just shows how passionate I am of the gaming industry

sipale3726d ago

Kyllä täysin samaa mieltä :D vituttaa ku jotku kaverit omistaa pleikan ja ainoot pelit mitä ostaa joka vuos on nhl tai fifa tai joku paska codi xd niiiiin paljon enemmän ja parempaa on tarjolla

WeAreLegion3726d ago

I understand there is money to be made and possibly a larger audience to gain from doing this, but you lose interactivity. The story and characters hold up even without it, but it's not the same.

iceman063726d ago

True. But, I don't think that's really the point. I believe the point is the second thing you mentioned. They want to broaden the reach of this particular IP...which will lead to more money. This storyline has a huge amount of cinematic potential. I just hope that it doesn't get watered down like so many movie adaptations of games before it.

xReDeMpTiOnx3726d ago

I will support ND they continue to impress me so why not support them

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The Sounds of the Fireflies ("The Last of Us") concert kicks-off on April 28th, 2024

"The Game Music Foundation are today very proud and pleased to announce an additional concert, circling back to the roots of Game Muisic Festival in Poland. On April 28th, 2024, the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw will once again become a place to celebrate the art of video game music, featuring scores from The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II." - The Game Music Foundation.

TGG_overlord76d ago

100%, and the music works really well live imo.