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From the review, "What people will see is how absolutely gorgeous FFX looks in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. Square Enix went all out to create a lush, vibrant world in the PS2 game with varied locations and detailed opponents and, while they looked good in the original release, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster makes it look like an entirely new game."

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Mackonthemoon1773d ago

Too many good games coming out! Some people complain that the vita has very few good games, but I'm still working on Disgaea 3 and Ys. Have yet to purchase and play Danganronpa and Toukiden, and awaiting Conception 2. Very happy with the lineup so far. Definitely gonna grab this when it drops.

pkb791773d ago

Did SE happen to fix the horrid voice acting?
I know its part of the games charm but they did fix the badly translated dialog in the PSOne releases of the old Nes/Snes FF games.