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DuoBrian1678d ago

Looking forward to this game. Hopefully it doesn't become a let down like some other game.

Meltic1678d ago

probl... beacuse i dont see any weapon use and only hide the whole game isnt funny. But i hope they prove me wrong

Allsystemgamer1678d ago

Uh...killing them would defeat the purpose.

Wizziokid1678d ago

I have high hopes for this game, don't let me down please

Rhezin1678d ago

I love the concept of this game. Being in this universe.. it is ESSENTIAL that you feel helpless. The Xenomorph is an apex predator and easily takes down people. I'm glad they went with the first Alien movie feel, than the gun-hoe alien's style.

I think Outlast really set a standard, and am hoping for more games like this. Although, I do hope we get to use the flamethrower…lol

RevXM1677d ago

Just... dont rush it. hopefully it will deliver on its promises.