Sony Needs to run the PSN ship tighter

There’s a bit of a smudge on Sony’s face this week as their online PlayStation store missed its usual Tuesday update and slipped into Wednesday. Meanwhile the PSN for many PS4 owners has gone offline as well. This is one of those unfortunate lapses that has traditionally been used in the “console wars” between PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, as the Xbox Live Marketplace has always been much, MUCH more consistently reliable about updating content on a designated day. From a consumer perspective, there was a good reason for this too; after all, anyone that regularly used Xbox Live itself was paying for the service it was a subscription, and therefore there was an expectation of higher quality.

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Eonjay1679d ago

Agreed. It goes down far too often. You can almost always expect the network to be down during store updates, system updates, and at the beginning of the month, when the free games are posted. I know they are working to improve their infrastructure, but as it is right now, its not acceptable. As a paying customer I demand better.

Hicken1679d ago

I would agree but- and obviously I can't speak for everyone- the issues I've had with logging in have been few and far between.

That said, it can ALWAYS be better, and we should ALWAYS demand better. At the same time, though, we can't be unreasonable with our demands.

cleft51679d ago

Sony absolutely need to get their online infrastructure together. I love what Sony is doing right now, but lets not start turning a blind eye to the issues facing Sony as well. The online infrastructure issues wasn't a big deal before paying for online was mandatory for online mp on PS4 games. Now that it is mandatory Sony needs to get on the ball with these problems and improve their online infrastructure.

Again I love Sony right now and PS+ is simply amazing, but I am not going to turn a blind eye to these online issues and give Sony a pass on stuff like this and neither should anyone else.

fonger081679d ago

The instances have been few and far between for the PSN. The biggest issue I've seen is that the PSN is hosted internally, at least it was, I'm not sure if they are going to migrate everything to what Gaikai has/had with RackSpace. Sony media is hosted with a very large 3rd party off-site, they don't have nearly the amount issues the PSN has had, down-time, updates, and of course... hacking. If the PSN moves to a dedicated hosting company, odds are most these minor downtime moments will pretty much disappear. Microsoft has quite a bit more experience in the network hosting environment with their business Azure hosting solutions. Business don't come to Sony for networking help. I have to think the fee for the PS+ is going to be a larger part for Sony migrating the PSN off-site to one the more reliable data center server hosting companies.

ziggurcat1679d ago

i haven't actually had any problems logging in at all, but that is not to say that other people haven't.

BitbyDeath1679d ago

It usually only gets taken down here at night when i'm asleep so doesn't really bother me but overall it'd be great if they could get around outages altogether.

Eonjay1679d ago

To be clear, PS+ is clearly the best service available. And the service is mostly always up. I just think they should give proper warning at the very least when its going down. Usually they do, but when they don't it looks bad and is very annoying.

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HiddenMission1679d ago

See I disagree I got my PS3 and PS4 both on day one and my PSN experience has been outstanding. I've only had about 3 real log in issues between both consoles over the past 8 or so years.

It's all about area and from what I've seen fans of MS consoles pretend like XBL has no down time or connection issues...when something goes wrong in that camp they all go back to their caves until something negative about PS products hits...then guess what their out in force smack talking.

I know the second piece was a bit off topic but the article and comments are one sided and overblown but that's to be expected on N4G.

Just saying.

CGMagazine1679d ago

Sony needs to be accountable for people who have already paid (PlayStation Plus). Both Sony and Microsoft both have their issues.

3-4-51679d ago

About to buy a PS4 and this isn't what I want to hear really.

I've been with xbox since the beginning and in 10+ years of having xbox live, it's given me probably 2 minutes worth of problems in 10 years.

It pretty much ALWAYS WORKS, and always works well.

That & the 360 controller, were two very important issues for me the last gen. The controller was perfect and so was the online.

Everything else....well..that is just opinion.

Still looking forward to getting a PS4 though.

Eonjay1679d ago

PSN is very reliable and is extremely fast when it comes to downloading. The probably is that sometime it goes down without warning like last night. It was only down for a bit, and only for a few people and it was probably related to the store update. The problem is that no warning was issued. usually, if they know the network will be down, they will send out a PA about a week in advance.

iceman061679d ago

I wouldn't let this shy you away from your purchase. I have had the PS3 since day one and PS4 since day one and have only had 2-3 instances where I couldn't log in...and that was for about 10 min. at max. I know that there are some that have had far more issues, and as an avid stream viewer, I have seen BOTH Sony and MS consoles have connection issues. In the end, PSN has grown in leaps and bounds from what it was and I expect that to continue. It's a solid service with an occasional hiccup here and there.

Tempest3171679d ago

Honestly the only time ive had any trouble, are the times when they announce that itll be down...but as long as ypu have been on in the last few days the only thing you lose access to is the store...personally ive never had any interruptions while im online

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Mackonthemoon1679d ago

I agree it is unacceptable to have many network problems especially with having to pay for it. Personally I have only experienced psn being down twice on my ps4 and both times the outages didn't last too long. I am still very happy with the service due to all the great games I get free monthly. Fixing the network problems is a must though.

akaFullMetal1679d ago

I thought psn went down because they are implementing PS Now servers?

CGMagazine1679d ago

Thanks for the comment. And if this is the case - then Sony needs to be more transparent with the reasons it does things that affect paying customers.

akaFullMetal1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Yea you are right about the updates and down time, but look like I was right about the PS NOw servers, as the PSN store updated with rentals appearing.

soulreaveralu1679d ago

I have to agreed 100% with you I have a ps3 and ps4 and I also own the 360 and Xbox one. I love live way more that psn. Sony needs to hook up there servers now with over 6 million ps4 sales. Also all the ps3 out there plus is a great service when it comes to free games. But if you are going to charge people to play online u better have a good service equal or better that live.

Cupid_Viper_31679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

F.O.S = Full of Sh!T

I know you're not talking the xbox live which was down and out for so many gamers on Titanfall's release..

They are implementing PS Now servers...
They are implementing PS Now servers...
They are implementing PS Now servers...

sigh, let's try one more time and see

They are implementing PS Now servers...

Team_Litt1679d ago

Source? Link? Proof? Or is this just wishful thinking?
Did Sony give a reason for psn downtime?

Kingthrash3601679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

ps+ is a better service than with the free relevant games and such. i can play online its just the store hasnt updated last i've checked.
didnt live just go down with tf release?
smh how many free game you get for x1 with gwg?..or how many games under 3 years old has gwg released...? gamers love games...when psn went down i just watched netflix...can you do that when live goes down?

yarbie10001679d ago

free rentals = PSPlus Payment

thejigisup1679d ago

Actually, you can watch netflix when live goes down. You just have to throw your 360 or xb1 out the window and turn your ps3/4 on.

testerg351679d ago

I don't think they're talking about the free games, but the stability of the network.

HiddenMission1679d ago


Really then my rental service destroys your paid service simple math try to follow along.

$50 for service = $2000 a year in new AAA titles
$60 for service = $15 a year in 3-8 year old AAA/budget titles

Reality is once you start your PS+ service get 10 or so new AAA titles you don't want to cancel because your collection grows like no other.

You seriously save thousands a year on hot titles. If you think it's a rental then yeah but it beats gamefly or streaming services...or cruddy old games that nobody wants.

Just saying...well more like pointing out facts...

CGMagazine1679d ago

Thanks for the comment. PlayStation makes a compelling case with PS+ for consumers - but for those who aren't subscribed to plus, Sony needs to be accountable for having those online issues sorted out.

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AceBlazer131679d ago

What exactly do you prefer on xblg over ps+?

Fireseed1679d ago

- Solid connection
- Dedicated servers for practically EVERY game
- Store gets on time updates
- Service RARELY goes out and if so it's only for a short time

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