Looks like Mafia 3 is set in Louisiana

Casting call mentions three gangsters: Franklin, Tony and Mickey

While there is no specific mention of it, if Mafia 3 is set in Louisiana, the game may feature an open world New Orleans.

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DanielGearSolid2875d ago

Is it gonna be next gen only? I hope so

Yui_Suzumiya2874d ago

At this point it's guaranteed since the original was scrapped and they restarted the whole project. Looking at 2015 release at the earliest.

porkChop2874d ago

Problem is that Mafia 3 isn't being made by the original developers. Apparently 2K took the game away from them and gave it to a new 2K studio, and that new studio completely scrapped the game and restarted from scratch.

Could end up a good game, but I'm highly skeptical. Right now with the descriptions of these 3 characters, they kinda seem like main characters, which tells me they're taking the 3 protagonist approach from GTA V. I don't want GTA set in the 40's, I want a real, proper Mafia game.

3-4-52874d ago

* Let me recruit my own crew

* No health meter, if somebody in your crew dies, then so be it, you find somebody else.

I think it would add to the realism.

Any town would only have so many tough guys, or smart guys, or whatever so you would have to do research throughout the town to find the next guy.

I want it to be more than Last gen hollow empty game + better graphics.

porkChop2874d ago

So kinda like the recruiting in Godfather 2?

-Superman-2875d ago

This game needs 3 things:
1)Story like in Mafia 1. Story must be very strong, powerful and dramatic.
2)Please... remove this hp regain and stupid cover system... dont make this casual game.
3)Don´t try to be GTA game. Really... Money and buy weapons is stupid. Mafia is about story, GTA is about freedom. Mafia > Mafia 2

MajorLazer2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Mafia 2 was amazing. The story, setting, graphics and atmosphere were all top notch, but I respect your opinion

-Superman-2874d ago

Mafia 2 was good but original Mafia is better(but 99% N4G players never played it on PC).

Why have Mafia 2 quality when you could have Mafia 1 quality?

Why have game rated 8 out of 10 when you could have 10 out of 10?

WeAreLegion2875d ago

Freakin' A! I can't wait!

shaft01402875d ago

The guy in the mirror lives in Louisiana.

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The story is too old to be commented.