Titanfall's a blast - but is it the best game ever? - Daily Star

It's an unrelenting, unashamed fast-paced blaster. And it's the first blockbuster new console exclusive showing how the future of gaming is shaping up.

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IanVanCheese1683d ago

Lol the Faily Star.

Great game, but the Daily Star could tell me the sky is blue and I'd question them on it.

venom061682d ago

Has anyone realized how EASY AND SKILL-LESS this game is???? it's getting all these reviews, but the game is easy as hell... a brain dead monkey can shoot dumb AI that doesn't shoot at you.. And let's not even talk about the roof campers.. this game really isn't all that.. it's just that IGN has hyped it up to the point of absurdity..

Boody-Bandit1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )


Trust me when I tell you you're not alone. Fun game but wears thin fast. In Attrition the games end too freaking fast. Respawn needs to chill the replenishing of killed grunts. It just seems that which ever teams kills the most grunts wins 98% of the time. That is pathetic and like you said takes NO SKILL.

I'm going to keep plugging away at it and hope it grows on me but I have nothing to do for the next 3 days and I'm sitting here surfing the net and not playing TF.

Tonight I'm jumping on with a few friends a couple of which picked up the X1 TF bundle. Maybe if grouped with some guys I know it will make for a different experience. I'm looking forward to their initial impressions on the game. They are all shooter fans. I haven't told them mine.

mark3214uk1682d ago

Damn microsoft are shelling out laods of $$$ to promote titanfall

IanVanCheese1682d ago

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I see what you did there...

Father Murder X1682d ago

Who the hell said that it was?

MRMagoo1231682d ago

Hmmmm a news paper doing games reviews huh lol

On another note i wonder if anyone will complain about this being an article submitted by maria even tho the score is high this time ? Or can ppl only have an opinion on titanfall (which imo is pretty boring) if its a good one ?

I mean if i was giving this game an honest review i couldnt give it more than a 7.5 after giving it a few good hours at my friends house on pc.

Team_Litt1682d ago

Even when playing it at somebody else's place, we still have to specify that it was on PC, lol. Like anyone expects a higher score from folks like you.

Activemessiah1682d ago

i wouldn't call them a newspaper... more tabloid who's interest are in who slept with who this week.

The Meerkat1682d ago

Treasure Island Dizzy says Hi.

MRMagoo1231682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

lol check my profile i mention dizzy in that, i miss that music, i used to play it on an amstrad cpc 464 plus.... what did you play it on?

p.s just remembered i dont have any bubbles left so i wont be able to reply anywho, i just hope it wasnt on the spectrum with its whole 2 colours lol.

The Meerkat1682d ago

It was the Speccy 48k

Although I'm sure my rose tinted nostalgia glasses remember it with 8 colours.

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The story is too old to be commented.