Shenmue 3 voted Xbox One’s most wanted game

Supported on Twitter by Shenmue fans worldwide, and galvanised by the #SaveShenmue campaign, the much demanded, but long lost sequel to Shenmue garnered massive support online, beating the likes of Elder Scrolls, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout and Half-Life in the poll.

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XiSasukeUchiha2868d ago

Hopefully it multi plat too don't get me wrong or nothing but most likely an PS4 after the rumors we heard lately.

hulk_bash19872868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, hell even if it's on last gen consoles I'd buy it. This sequel just needs to happen.

Sathur2868d ago

I am buying my PS4 at the weekend with inFamous:Second Son. My decision was also based on the mere rumour of SHENMUE 3 coming to the platform. Even if its in the last part of this new generation. I will wait. I want to play Shenmue 3.

badz1492868d ago

xbox gamers vote for it and when it comes out, they don't buy it. Shenmue is nothing like what the majority of xbox gamers play at all.

BladerunnerZX2868d ago

Completely agree.

The Xbox "community" does not support games like Shenmue.

Gazondaily2868d ago

Yet the "community" picked Shenmue as it's most wanted game....

greenyboi2868d ago

Cause all xbox gamers just play fps right

jetlian2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

whats funny is playstation gamers didn't support yakuza which is why kenzan, Y5 didnt make it here, oh and maybe isshin too.

And yakuza has some systems in common with shenmue. Whole bunch of rpgs on ps3 that didnt get sequals

fact is people from both sides want shenmue. As long as it gets finished thatss whats important

FriedGoat2868d ago

I didn't buy yakuza. I tried the demo, the animations were stiff and generally just terrible. I couldn't get past it, it was just trash.

Don't get me wrong, it's probably a good game, I just cant stand poor animation, ruins it for me.

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christocolus2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I wouldnt mind playing shenmue3 on xbx one. Played the first two on dc but that didnt stop me from going ahead and buying the second one on the original xbx and playing it again. It would be nice to conclude the story with a third installmemt.

Kavorklestein2868d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheRedButterfly2867d ago

I find it ironic how Kavorklestein was flagged as immature… Really goes to show the maturity of these commenters. (But we could simply look at their posts to know that.)

JohnathanACE2868d ago

Dammit SEGA make a Dreamcast 2 already!

rastapau192868d ago

and let our Dream be shattered again for the second time

Ninjamonkey822868d ago

Sega didn't shatter anything the likes off EA can be blamed for that.

Brim2868d ago

i seen the fake video for the DC 2 and almost s**t my pants cause i was so happy ... THEEEN i was sad ... after doing actual research of course

Trekster_Gamer2868d ago

Dammit Atari the Jaguar needs to be succeeded!

lemoncake2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I miss not having a new sega console, in an alternative dimension someone is playing a new wonderboy game on it.

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urwifeminder2868d ago

Played the first in all its glory on dreamcast but never finished the second game on xbox would consider having a look if it had a recap.

corvusmd2868d ago

Really? I'd love to play this game, but seriously I'd rather play Fallout, Crackdown, Rouge Squadron, Mass Effect, Perfect Dark, and I'm sure a ton of others..

Bonkerz2868d ago

I agree, for ME i prefer either crackdown or another Phantom Dust than a Shenmue. The only thing though is Shenmue has the large following which in the end would sell consoles.

Akuma072868d ago

that's such a stupid comment to make.

That's like me saying.

I'd love to play Battlefield, but I'd much rather Assassins Creed, The Order, Driveclub and many others.

Like, who has put a gun to your head and said "YOU CAN ONLY PLAY ONE MORE GAME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" lol. And it's not like a developer in Japan making Shenmue 3 is going to take resources away from any other dev.

SegaGamer2867d ago

So basically you're only happy with games where you can shoot someone or something right ? You may find this hard to believe but not all of us are fans of the boring shooter games that have been done to death in the last 10 years.

DigitalRaptor2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

LOL. Corvus.... there are a few things to break down about this comment.

1) So you'd rather play a bunch of shooters - than a continuation of one of the most unique and breathtaking unfinished masterpieces of gaming? Are you simply trying to prove a point that Xbox gamers just wouldn't have an interest in supporting this game, and would rather support shooters?

2) This is clearly a pre-emptive strike against popular opinion that (if anything), Sony will claim Shenmue III as a PS4 exclusive, which would bring a huge storm to the industry, and pretty much spell game over for whatever Microsoft brings to their already lagging console, (unless they get the exclusive rights to Half-Life 3).

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