This Project Cars Gameplay Video Will Get You Pumped For F1 2014

GamerZines writes:

This weekend the Formula 1 2014 World Championship finally gets underway in Melbourne and if you're struggling to get excited about the return of Bernie Ecclestone's multi-million dollar travelling motorsport circus, we reckon this video might just help.

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mhunterjr1732d ago

What sorcery is this?the 1st person shots Look like movie quality CG!

Milruka1732d ago

Sorcery? This is what you get when you don't have limitations.

mhunterjr1732d ago

Don't be silly, everything has limitations... Some hardware just reaches those limitations much later than others. Even CG in movies, rendered by supercomputers, and not in real time, is noticeably not real life. . Sorcery was just a tongue in cheek way of saying the game looks good.

pennywhyz1732d ago

Assetto Corsa is the only real next gen sim.

heisenberguk1732d ago

Look forward to playing this along with Shenmue 3!!

Mark841732d ago

Epic! Great use of Hans Zimmer in this vid.

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