The future’s bright, the future’s … blue?

Taken from IM PLAYIN

"My PS4 has been sitting around twiddling its thumbs all week like a child that wants to play but can’t decide which toy to play with or which new toy to get next. It hasn’t yet got a favourite toy to keep it busy so I’ve just been keeping it maintained with regular updates. We’re at Update 1.61 now which adds wireless headset support, which is a good thing as I’ve just got the new Sony Gold PS4 Wireless Headset. And all of my existing games (thank you, Instant Game Collecton) are up to date as well according to my list of notifications which tends to update itself overnight. It’s a bit like magic. I succumbed to the low price of £33.95 for Thief which I pre-ordered from, I’m not sure how long that deal runs for but it’s a great price for ANY PS4 game despite my reservations about it looking a bit grey and the gameplay being a bit, well, all ‘thiefy’ and nothing else."

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