How to Camp Like a Champ in Titanfall: Titan-Sized Edition

Josh runs down how to camp in Titanfall by explaining 5 effective strategies with 10 more in a bonus how-to video providing for general Titanfall dominance!

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rodiabloalmeida1679d ago

I thought people hated campers in this type of game.

Lawboy21679d ago

I'm suprised anyone could camp with the bots constantly shooting at u

Fireseed1679d ago

You don't often see it... but when it happens they usually net 1 to 2 kills before needing to be scraped off the wall from an Arc cannon blast.

brianunfried1679d ago

It's not called camping. It's called an ambush, A common military tactic.

SITH1679d ago


The only people who are butt hurt about, "camping" are those who have zero tactical ability and simply run and gun to compensate. Waiting on that fool to round the same corner they rounded ten other times is worth putting a bullet in them. Quit giving yourself up if you don't like campers. Try a different route. Be unpredictable. Otherwise I will exploit you like the fool you are.

Titanfall requires cooperation from the titans to defeat other titans. Concentrated fire by two or more titans on one is devastating. Only a fool without the proper outfitted titan would run around titanfall alone. Best titanfall ordinance to equip I can not play without, electric smoke. Best thing ever.

brianunfried1679d ago

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

Ron_Danger1679d ago

Probably the comment of the day if you get this referance!

Well done!

Cussing1679d ago

I clicked because I saw Dr. Steve Brule.

geekspodcast1679d ago

Yeah, when I wrote the section about learning the map, "Hose it off, dummy!" just popped in there :p Thanks for the comment and have an awesome day! :)

jetlian1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

the pulse perk stops campers. You can see them through walls. best burn card is the total ghost one my goodness! I got like 10 kills before I randomly ran into someone on some steps and got jump kicked