Sonic the Hedgehog creator releases mobile game where you operate bathhouse, watch nude men

The game is called E-ANBAI, which translates to Just Right, and released today for free on iOS and Android devices. In the game, you run a Japanese bathhouse and must adjust the water, swiping on and off the hot and cold water faucets, to a comfortable temperature for your guests.

According to Prope’s press release, the customers you “satisfy” are added to your “Nude Men Collection,” which can be viewed in your Nude Gallery.

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TomahawkX1777d ago

what's weird to us is normal to them and vice versa.

MysticStrummer1777d ago

Adventures of Willie the Lap Dragon

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1777d ago

When you've thought you had seen everything....

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The story is too old to be commented.