Opinion: Gamers, Get Over The Visuals & Graphics Of Watch Dogs, This Isn't 2012

Alright, enough of this "outrage" over the graphics in the Watch Dogs trailers! It's impressively ridiculous that such a superficial quality of a game, that you know is going to look good anyway, can get you so upset.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Glad someone said it.
I expect graphic junkies will downvote anyone who agrees with the article, though, but I've felt for ages now that this focus on sparkles over substance is just turning game development down a very expensive and negative path.
As long as it hits the minimum of being HD, then what's the issue? Anything beyond that is a convenience, and its one of those first-world-problems to whine over the visuals not being 1080p or beyond.
If something is going to be focused on, it should be getting frame rates up to 60fps, and after that, a focus on new types of gameplay, be it in-game or how the game is interacted with via different types of controllers.

WeAreLegion1682d ago

Slight decreases are expected at this point. Dramatic changes though? They showed us Crysis at E3 2012 and they're releasing it as FarCry.

DevilishSix1682d ago

Yeah who needs graphics anyways as it only represents 50% of the game experience. Might as well say who needs gameplay. No I think graphics and gameplay are equally as important and noone would dare say say get over gameplay.

Salooh1682d ago

Graphics what made this game famous. It is important. But since it's downgraded i'm looking forward for it because of the co-op. Co-op games are awesome..