Tetsuya Nomura Talks About His Childhood And How He Joined Square

Square Enix designer, director, and creative producer Tetsuya Nomura is known for designing characters in the Final Fantasy series and also as the man behind the Kingdom Hearts series. Not much is known about the man himself, though. However, this week’s Famitsu magazine takes him down memory lane to talk about how his career began.

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TheLyonKing1680d ago

Nomura is one if the last few greats at SE imo.

Him and Nobuo Umestu were my fav guys at SE so was a shame when Nobuo left.

Seems Nomura has his fingers in a lot of pies atm

MegaRay1680d ago

If I were SE CEO, I'd pay Nomura double or triple what SE pays him now, and make him direct as many games as he want, that guy is truly talent.

Pozzle1679d ago

Don't forget Hironobu Sakaguchi....although I guess he was more of a Squaresoft guy than a Square Enix one.