March PS3 launch "still on track," says Sony

PAL launch still due for Q1 2007.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 is still on track to launch across Europe in March 2007.

The clarification comes after Sony's Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison told the Official PlayStation Magazine that he "would not like to make any definitive statements," regarding the timing of the PS3 launch.

But SCEE has confirmed to that the previously announced target is still in sight, with the publisher's corporate communications boss Nick Sharples stating: "We are still very much on track for a March launch in Europe".

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RuffRyder4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Lets not get our hopes up until we actually see it happpen, this is sony afterall.
They have a habbit of screwing us europeans.

marionz4452d ago

i could be wrong but im thinking new zealand and australia will probably slip back again, depending how many units they can make before then

TheMART4452d ago



By spring 2007 I am already gaming 1,5 year next gen on the 360.

This Christmas it's all about Gears of War and untill Christmas 2007 it's all about soccer only on 360 in next gen format.

Sony just stay in Japan, you just lost Europe

TheMART4452d ago

About what?

Wasn't PS3 to be here spring 2006?
Wasn't PS3 to be here Christmas 2007?
Isn't the PS3 delayed to Spring 2007?

Isn't the 360 here from Christmas 2005 already? That's 1,5 year if you count with me before spring 2007...

This Christmas there is nothing here, so it's all about Gears of War and soccer is only next gen to Christmas 2007 on 360.

So what's wrong with writing about the actual situation in Europe? You're an idiot yourself by not reacting on facts but only with emotion. I think it's all in your name. Even if you read facts you feel the need to disagree

General4451d ago

Waitstation 3 fans getting jealous over the 360 games now...

KS19854452d ago

I am a superstitious man, so until March '07, I'm praying that Phil Harrison dosen't say anything. That man has a bad vibe around him.

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