Someone Just Broke 1 Million Gamerscore on Xbox Live

One gamer has just broken a record on Xbox Live by getting 1 million points!

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Chupa-Chupa2700d ago

That's it? Only 1 mil? I have 4mil gamerscore on Burnout paradise alone.

Kiwi662700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

so you couldn't respect his milestone but despite your stupid comment i say well done and congradulations to Stallion83

ElementX2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I don't see how this can be respectable. How much time did he waste playing all those awful games? What about exclusives he missed on other platforms?

BTW I wonder what the stallion in his name is referring to ;)

Gekko362700d ago

maybe he can eat an apple through a picket fence?... or he is a fan of Rocky Balboa.

Stupid question lol... even if the question was loaded

OT: Well done on the milestone, kudos

malokevi2700d ago

"I don't see how this can be respectable. How much time did he waste playing all those awful games? What about exclusives he missed on other platforms? "


I'd like to say I'm shocked to read that comment.... but I'm not. I pray to almighty Jahova that your comment is laden with sarcasm.

1 million GS is insane. I'm at nearly 25k, and I thought I was cool. Not sure if it's worth bragging about, but... grats! Can't imagine how long he has spent on his Xboxs.

starchild2700d ago

Wow, I only have like a 10,000 gamer score on Xbox 360, so a one million gamer score seems almost inconceivable to me. Then again I do most of my gaming on PC, followed by PS3 and PS4.

Still, lots of respect for such an achievement. People set all kinds of crazy goals for themselves just to test themselves. I don't think we should downplay it just because we are jealous or think it is too extreme. Most of us play games far more than what many people would think is healthy or normal. This guy basically does it for a living.

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Mr Pumblechook2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

What a waste of a life.

Have you ever spent a couple of days so engrossed in a game that you do nothing but play it, then when you stop you realise your weekend is over? This guy has done that for EIGHT years.

GarrusVakarian2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

So what? Why does society judge people so harshly when they don't spend their time how society deems worthy or "normal"?

It doesn't have a negative affect on you or anyone else, so why do you care? If he's doing what loves then what's the problem?

"Waste of life"


On topic: I have a little over 100k think about doing that another ten times over is INSANE. That's some serious dedication and grinding.

LoveOfTheGame2700d ago

Here's the flaw in your logic:

People are ignorant and annoying.

Why would anyone waste there life on them?

Mr Pumblechook2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

@Lukas_Japonicus come on man! I'm not speaking as an outsider who doesn't like video games, I'm speaking as a person who loves video games and knows that it takes serious hours, possibly non-stop everyday to get 1 million gamerscore. I love top quality games, but Its just not worth playing average games. It means a hell of a lot of grinding on games you don't enjoy.

There was a story just last month about the guy with the most PlayStation trophies. He said he plays all day and had to make sacrifices and turn down opportunities. For what, a high number?

Games are fantastic but that's not the only thing I want to experience, I read, watch movies, go out, meet girls, travel, do things! Games are great but you have to have balance.

Gamer19822700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

To get 1 million you have to play and max out 1000 games which even in 10 years I doubt anybody has done and will probably ever do.. However most of these people on these insane amounts use trophy/achievement cheats to get themselves free trophys/points. I once saw some guys account he supposedly had the jap, chinese, american and europe version of blue dragon and got perfect gamerscore on them all! I mean people who get tehse gamerscores are just cheaters its not even playing 1000 games and getting max gamerscore on them its OWNING 1k games. NOBODY has 1k games.. thats probably every USA game PLUS a bunch of EU games etc.. So this guy is clearly a cheat..

So no respect..

NoobJobz2700d ago

False. You can own 4 versions of a game and max them out legitimately. He has multiple 360s from each region and therefore play multiple versions of the same game. Plus, the fact where he sets up twitch to where you can watch him play these games. He does play them. No hacks required. It's basically his job, is what it seems like I read somewhere recently. They give him games and is basically sponsored. Could be wrong there but I remember reading something like a day or two ago. So yes, he does have 1000 games. Why is that hard to believe. I have played over 500 360 games. I don't own them all but I rented or bought all them at one point in time. So why couldn't he have doubled my games? Very easy to do. Plus, if he gets the games free, it seems easily possible.

nunley332700d ago

The whole story is a big yawn. And stallion does sound like a reference to...

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Kiwi662700d ago

@ElementX he didn't just play on xbox he also used windows based games on his phone and i guess he simply prefers xbox and doesn't care about what he may have missed out on but it is still an accomplishment either way i'm sure if it was Trophies instead you'd feel better

ElementX2700d ago

Um... no? I have PS4, Xbox One, but I'm mostly a PC gamer at this point, I just don't see how somebody can come out and say they've wanted to get into the gaming business since they were a kid, are in the gaming industry full-time, and yet play on one system.

KonsoruMasuta2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Not everyone has the money for multiple systems.

Mikefizzled2700d ago

I can see where your coming from but are the people from Official Playstation/Xbox magazine 'in' the industry since more often than not they only play that console.

Alan_Shore2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Oh gee didn't know he only owned and gamed on one system........How do you know he doesnt have a ps3.

Nowhere in this article says he only plays the xbox brand

Mr Pumblechook2700d ago

SPOT ON. It is perfectly okay to have a preference for one system, or to be only able to afford one system. But for someone to say they are a gamer and refuse to touch the games of an 'enemy' system is just ridiculous.

For a civilian that's bad, for a paid member of the industry it's unforgivable. I was listening to a podcast which was interviewing Andy Farrant the camp guy who works on Outside Xbox. Now it would be perfectly normal for him to prefer Xbox, however he said he REFUSED to play PlayStation games!
He then when on to criticise Uncharted as being a terrible series because you can repeatedly shoot a person and they don't die - oh, but he hadn't played it himself, a friend had told him and he saw some clips on YouTube!

We all get caught up in the fanboy wars at time, I know I do! The truth is Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all have brilliant games on their consoles. But for a person to be so blinded by love for a hardware company that they willingly miss out on some phenomenal games is just pathetic.

ElementX2700d ago

I really don't see how trying to reach 1M gamerscore can leave much time for playing any other system...

nunley332700d ago

Pc, so steam achievements then.

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kreate2700d ago

This is the Microsoft version of hakoom.

Wonder who is greater.

Hakoom or this guy.

Tedakin2700d ago

I have a 59k gamerscore. How many crap games did this guy spent a zillion hours playing to get this score? Is Xbox giving him a big check or something to make it worthwhile?

Mikefizzled2700d ago

As far as I know no. But they did give him the limited edition employee only white Xbox One, Titanfall collectors edition and this

Alan_Shore2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

He also bought asian region xbox's to play games that were only released in the asia market

Gamer19822700d ago

1000 games with the full 1k gamerscore.. No way has he done that.. Mobile games only come with around 100 GS and theres only around 100 of them with GS. hes clearly an achievement point cheat.

Crazay2700d ago

I'm almost at 81K GS and it's been an ABSOLUTE GRIND at times. I applaud his dedication to his gaming but damn - What does he do for a living that allows him all this time to dedicate to getting all those achievements.

NoobJobz2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

It's his job. That's literally what he does all day.

Again, don't know how I know that but I read either an article or he did an AMA.

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Daniel_Potter2700d ago

Winner winner chicken dinner

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