Men use Haze to try to get multiplayer date with Fragdoll

Gametrailers has upped a Blind Date video featuring Haze project lead, Derek Littlewood and Rob Yescombe (screenwriter) trying to win a multiplayer date with Kitt from the UK Frag Dolls.

They answer specific questions aimed at highlighting the various features of Haze and inject their own special brand of humour.

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TheHater4718d ago

lol...that was funny. I want them to make more episode of this :)

Fulensenca4718d ago

I want them to work more on their games ... XD

TheHater4718d ago

The were finish with they game when the made that video.

resistance1004718d ago

lol, that map on wheels looks great.

I'm just going to pick this up anyway regardless of reviews, i've got a credit not which i have to use before the end of the month anyway, plus the demo was great and the multiplayer looks fantastic!

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