Titanfall is getting dedicated Australian servers

MMGN: Don't worry, pilots. Dedicated Australian servers are coming to Titanfall as early as Friday morning.

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ArbitorChief1683d ago

Sweet as, been playing on Japan West Servers so far and it's been pretty lagless, but Auzzie servers is going to be even better, can't wait!

BozoLoco1683d ago

Great news. My ping has been okay at around 120 but still watching the killcam is very frustrating.

phantomera1683d ago

bu..but the cloud wasn't supposed to exist.

memots1683d ago

They might ban the server, Everything we hear about Australia and gaming its because they banned something.

nutcrackr1683d ago

Good to hear, lower pings would make it feel better.

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The story is too old to be commented.