Amazon system restores missing customer reviews of titanfall

DBTH "The supposed conspiracy of missing reviews can now be put to bed, more than likely reviews that get not helpful tag were taken out from public viewing , put on que for amazon to look at and are now restored."

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ElementX1682d ago

Yeah and almost all of the 1 star reviews are people complaining it's not 1080p or there's no single player campaign. They are just a bunch of trolls.

ElementX1682d ago

Oh there are some 1 star because of connectivity issues earlier...

SilentNegotiator1682d ago

You know, 5 star reviews were actually removed as well. Trolls of both ends of the spectrum are present on that review page.

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bicfitness1682d ago

A lot of negative reviews are also "verified purchasers". The problem with any internet viewpoint is that its usually myopic and totally skewed. There is rarely a moderate opinion, even in the games press. So its not unthinkable that people either 'love' or 'hate' something with no real in-between. That's quite common. One star reviews are just as valid - though perhaps no more or less thought out - than five star ones.

iiorestesii1682d ago

"The problem with any internet viewpoint is that its usually myopic and totally skewed." Kind of found yourself in an infinite loop there, Asop.

phantomera1682d ago

all the one star reviews are just pure fan boy garbage, here is a review history for 2 of them,

CrossingEden1682d ago

Wow I cannot believe that Amazon had the AUDACITY to remove those obviously unbiased and constructive reviews that critiqued the game in a meaningful way. ಠ_ಠ

No_Limit1682d ago

Thanks for the link man. You can spot opposition fanboys from a mile away. It is really sad that this is happening in the age of social media.

BluP1682d ago

Yes, it is sad. But what is more sad is that companies pay for people to pretend that a "console exclusive" game is the best thing ever or that a certain other company is going to go bankrupt soon. There are trolls and then there are paid trolls (aka, shills).

No_Limit1682d ago


I see what you are doing, stop stealth trolling as you are not fooling anyone.

starchild1682d ago


I assume you have evidence to back up your claim.

I'm not saying such a thing has never happened, but I get sick of idiots acting like every time a game they don't like gets good scores it must be from paid shills.

The fact is, the vast majority of professional reviews have been very positive for this game, so it isn't surprising that many gamers will also like the game.

0s and 1s are almost always complete nonsense. Most games have had a tremendous amount of passion and work put into them and the truly bad games are an extreme minority. For a game to get a 1 it means the game is essentially broken, has no redeeming qualities and offers basically no fun at all. I personally have never encountered such a game.

p0tat0stix1682d ago

Good links phanto.

Everything Xbox he gives 1 star. Everything PlayStation he gives 5. Also he claims his console was a gift, and contradicts himself with his XB1 controller review.

BattleTorn1682d ago

There were contradictions a plenty

marlinfan101682d ago

the first guy leaves a 1 star review on the controller and says "i bought the xbox cause the ps4 was out of stock" then he leaves a 1 star review on the xbox and says he got it as a gift lol what a joke. yeah i don't think he's a fanboy or anything

famoussasjohn1682d ago

Basically, don't look at the review score on Amazon.

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SteamPowered1682d ago

Does anyone honestly go by the Amazon Reviews anyways? Isnt that why we are all here on N4G?

BluP1682d ago

Well said. I think most of us use youtube or twitch and ignore the opinion of reviewers, especially from "big" sites like IGN or Gamespot. Or we just watch our friends play a game and judge for ourselves. No one can be trusted in this day and age, except maybe certain smaller sites. People aren't quite as gullible as suits think. If we were, Titanfall would have been the best selling game of all time.

Lawboy21682d ago

yes tons of ppl on a daily basis use the reviews...especially casuals and childrens parents

bleedsoe9mm1682d ago

if they are customers who bought titanfall from amazon they should be able to say whatever they want

Lawboy21682d ago

the problem is that they didnt

bleedsoe9mm1682d ago

then they shouldn't be permitted to post reviews on products they didn't buy , their opinion wouldn't help amazon customers in making buying decisions . seems pretty simple .

nibelheimer71682d ago

Looks like they are off again.

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