Certain GameStops Charging $15 To Buy An Xbox One

VGN Author Writes: Today I heard something a little out of the ordinary. Something that made my stomach turn, causing funny noises to roar from inside. It appears GameStop has stooped to an all time low. Now, dont get me wrong, GameStop has done some pretty risky things before in the past. Essentially what GameStop is doing is charging customers $15 to purchase the recently announced Xbox One Forza bundle, which retails at select retailers for $499.99.

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illmatic1684d ago

this doesnt surprise me. Its Gamestop we are talking about here. SMH

admiralvic1684d ago

So I was talking to my friend who works there and he told me that you do need power up rewards (because they E-Mail you the code), but you don't need a paid membership. This is most likely a case of stores pressuring employees to move more pro memberships (like how they pressure you into preorders and preowned) and or the employee assuming you needed pro or didn't realize there was a free membership and explained it incorrectly. This also falls in line with what was posted on CAG 2 days ago. According to EvilMakaiPR "She told me you need to have your PowerUp Rewards Account Active in order to get the code because the code will be sent to the email that appear on that PUR Account", which falls in line with what he is saying.

Shame this happened to your friend, but maybe he should contact corporate and see what is going on? I imagine they might be somewhat understanding (assuming this is a misunderstanding) and help you out (if only to retain business).

techologie1684d ago

I appreciate the response. It was most likely a misunderstanding from the Gamestop employee. Although when Gamestop was contacted at the first store, they specifically said that a paid powerup card would be needed. Who knows, I try to stay away from Gamestop either way.

dotwithshoes1684d ago

The code for Forza 5, starting on the 11'th, prints on the receipt, at all GameStops.

techologie1684d ago

@gametillyoudrop that wasnt the point of the article. Did you read it, or just post a negative comment?

dotwithshoes1684d ago

The article only pointed out the friend was gullible. My comment simply pointed out what is actually happening, at GameStop, that the code for Forza 5 prints out on the receipt..

techologie1684d ago

Im not arguing that the code doesnt print out. It most definitely does. What was being pointed out is that someone at Gamestop is lying to customers. Even asking the employee multiple times if the "paid" powerup card was required to purchase the bundle, the employee responded with a "Yes". SMH @Gamestop

dotwithshoes1684d ago

Shouldn't focus it towards GameStop, just towards the one unethical employee. Every company has em.

Hicken1684d ago

But it's not GameStop. It's one employee.

Blowing things out of proportion... this is ridiculous.

lazyjatt1683d ago

I agree. But a simpler thing to do, if I was the friend, and was arguing about not having to pay the extra $15, would be to not buy the system at all.

Buy from another store for $500, problem solved.

WeAreLegion1684d ago

I don't like defending GameStop, but this is not the company's doing. It's a lying employee. More subs/res's means more hours for the "game advisors" and more money/available hours for managers. This is why I quit. That employee would be fired, however, if the customer made a big deal about it.

R1CAN6171684d ago

I don't care what anyone says Gamestop isn't this horror store people make it out to be I got a damn PS4 with two games for $180 just trading in my 360 and thirteen games this past Tuesday

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