Infamous: Second Son Out In The Wild

With the impending release of inFAMOUS: Second Son still over a week away on March 21, it appears that the game may have been leaked to retailers already. An image has surfaced of the game itself with the case and all of the contents inside.-JPS

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CrossingEden1774d ago

Let the spoilers begin.....although unlike with ground zeroes I definitely won't be spoiling this game for myself.

Razmossis1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Whoever scheduled this game to release at the same time as a Metal Gear Solid game, seriously needs to be put up for review to find out if they're right for the job

Oh_Yeah1774d ago

Naaaah. This is a full fledged game. Ground zeroes is like a dlc prequal. Whoever gets that over infamous needs to be reviewed to see if they're right to be a gamer lol.

TheGreatAndPowerful1774d ago

managed to get it before it was taken down... first 20min of Inf:SS enjoy!!4ZgGUZ...

PaleMoonDeath1774d ago

I'll be picking up both, long time MGS fanatic, and a InFamous new comer, next week will be a glorious one!

hazeblaze1774d ago

Not at all. This game will probably sell more. I'm buying both. But at the moment I'm looking forward to second soon more than ground zeroes.

Razmossis1773d ago

I seriously doubt infamous will sell better than Metal Gear. The first two were meh, repetitive gameplay from start to finish with a gacky story and characters. If you find infamous' story or characters cool, you're probably the kind of guy that wears tshirts with skulls on them

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solidpnk1774d ago

Nooo. Dammmn lol
I wish I could get it. If only we knew where they have it. =\
I'll play this after I PLATINUM GROUND ZEROES =)

admiralvic1774d ago

How are you going to platinum Ground Zeroes if it doesn't have a platinum?

Shadonic1774d ago

SO LUCKY!!! and i just preordered mine, i swear if i run into a copy im buying it and im canceling that preorder.

TomahawkX1774d ago

some guy on youtube already has an unboxing video and he's about to start uploading a playthrough, it will get shut down immediately tho.

Jughead34161774d ago

I hope the game doesn't get leaked all over the internet. It's always too tempting for me not to take a peak

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The story is too old to be commented.