Review Score Throwdown: Dark Souls II Topping Titanfall

If you compare the average Metascores of these two big games, you find that Dark Souls II has the better overall reception. Did you expect that?

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polow got sol1777d ago

Lol at this pointless article. I hope the writer does the same when dark souls gets better scores than infamous also.

SlavisH21777d ago

this is n4g! This wouldnt get posted on any non bias site. This sites hate for titanfall because its not on ps4 is unbelievable.

Sayai jin1777d ago

True and it's coming from a site called PSExtreme a PlayStation site.

Both are good games.

TheRedButterfly1777d ago

- _ - These games couldn't be more different. They have no business being compared.

On a completely related note, Ride To Hell: Retribution is scored at a 13 and Grand Theft Auto IV is scored at 98. Did you expect that?

(Seriously, who approved this article?)

frostypants1777d ago

Bad analogy...did Ride to Hell have much hype behind it?

TheRedButterfly1776d ago

Does hype equate to comparability?

Zombro1777d ago

Lmao and so did the new Mario game pointless comparison

Hugodastrevas1777d ago

Everyone knows i'm a huge fan of the Souls games, but, even i have to say that this is one stupid article. A RPG vs a FPS, is this for real? What's next, the XbOne vs a blender?

frostypants1776d ago

It's comparing critical reception to two very anticipated games. Not sure how people don't see this.

Father Murder X1777d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

another stupid ass article by a stupid ass fanboy.