More PlayStation 3 Info RSX stays undisclosed...

Since we're always hungering for more PlayStation 3 information, we were delighted to learn that Izumi Kawanishi, the head of the Software Platform division of SCEI, gave a lengthy interview to Impress Watch.

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CG4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Doesnt sony reveal the rsx specs even after the console is released i dont understand, they must be hiding something.

I mean if the ps3 cell and rsx is "twice" as power as the 360 & Wii as sony likes to claim, then why not tell all about the specs???

marionz4452d ago

i dont think they will ever let the specs of the rsx out, the split memory will cause enough problems as it is, come out of the closet sony :p

TheMART4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Still no RSX facts?

It's like the Wii/supercharged Gamecube coverup, they can't cope with the 360's GPU that's why they're covering up.

What worries further is:

"The web browser can open up to 6 pages simultaneously. 64MB memory is always reserved for the browser, the instant messenger and other XMB OS activity even while in game."

So 64 MB of the memory is always reserved, read not being possible used by gaming tasks, for the web browser...

Already having the need to get around the bottleneck of split memory with a workaround (will it work flawlessly?), there is 64 MB from one part of total memory, which is 256, taken.

192 MB on the one end, 256 MB on the other. I don't know Sony you should focus on gaming with a console we already have a PC to do the browsing!

it's becoming a trade off this way. I even get the feeling they need to give some extra's like browsing because they know they fall short on delivering the best gaming experience, which the 360 has.

dantesparda4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

that the 360 OS uses at least 32MB of RAM (and that was at the beginning). And dont think that it hasnt grown at least a few more megabytes since then, since these updates can easily grow the size of the OS. So give it a rest. And you can easily store textures in the system RAM on the PC, its just that since most system RAM on the PC is so much slower than the local RAM on the gfx card, most developers prefer not to do that. However on the PS3, the system RAM runs at 3.2GHz (which is even faster than the VRAM, which runs at 700MHz, but it probably has a narrower bus than the VRAM), but its still faster than the average system RAM on the PC, so its more plausible to do on the PS3 than it would be on the average PC. And im sure that, this is not the only way they can use system RAM as gfx memory

Jay da 2KBalla4452d ago

"that the 360 OS uses at least 32MB of RAM"

link please

O and the updates are very very very small files actually.

Marty83704452d ago

The PlayStation 3 has 256MBs of Rambus XDR memory and 256MBs of GDDR3 memory dedicated to graphics. Nvidia claims that the RSX can take advantage of the combined 512MBs of memory, since it is capable of writing directly to system memory. The increased graphics-memory bandwidth and storage space will let developers use high-resolution textures and enable antialiasing to provide detailed, jaggy-free graphics. The RSX's programmable shader capabilities greatly increase graphics efficiency and will let game developers use advanced effects such as subsurface scattering to simulate human skin.

TheMART4452d ago

Still the memory isn't all unified. So they need a workaround. What if the texture won't fit in the 256 MB... Then they cut it up? Send it completely to the other 256 MB?

And still there is the constant web browsing functionality eating up 64 MB all the time.

Too bad guys the PS3 isn't optimalized for games

BIadestarX4452d ago

Who gives a s*** about all this! I believe that as consumer everyone is entitle to know the specs of the device they are buying. Is this even legal? How is Sony or any company going to tell me that I don't have the right to know about a device that I'm paying $600 bucks. You Sony fanboys are ridiculous. Whats there to hide?

THWIP4452d ago

...the 360 can do ALL of that, AND THEN some. Everything about the 360 was custom built from state-of-the-art tech, for GAMING.

videl4452d ago

the mart you moron, you dont believe that a texture can be 256mb big ? lol you are a joke. ps3 is far better than your ms crapbox!

Raist4452d ago

a 256MB texture ! fear ! it's coming !

lmfao, you don't even know what you're talking about :/

DJ4452d ago

Thwip: "...the 360 can do ALL of that, AND THEN some. Everything about the 360 was custom built from state-of-the-art tech, for GAMING."

He's basically saying that the 360 is capable of everything the PS3 has been showing us, but that the developers just choose not to. Kind of a bleak outlook, don't you think? =P

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DJ4452d ago

They don't "cut" textures up. I guess you don't quite understand what GPUs do, which is beyond just storing textures. A lot of what GPU RAM is used for is doing complex shader calculations, rendering, skinning vertices, etc. PS3 has twice the RAM bandwidth and CPU<->GPU bandwidth of the 360, so splitting up the memory pools actually gave the PS3 double the performance in that regard.

The RSX can access data stored in XDR memory faster than the Xenos can from its GDDR3 memory. And you forget, the Cell can also do GPU work since there's some overlap between SPU and RSX functions (such as vertex skinning, texturing, volumetrics, and full-blown rendering). They basically told us everything we need to know about a year and a half ago. And considering that nVidia is probably including RSX features in its future GPU cards, it's understandable why they don't want to go too in-depth since ATI is a big rival. Simply put, they gave us more than enough information.
Come on, 3500 man-years of work on the RSX and some people still can't accept how the industry works.

For Bladestar, you can't actually sue unless the company released false information about a product that swindled you into purchasing it. It also depends on the product, and withholding what the company deems 'trade secrets' from the public is justifiable under law. Nintendo didn't tell me how my Gameboy works at a detailed technical level. Should I sue them for that? =P

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