The Problem With Girl Gamers... As Told by a Girl Gamer.

The video game industry is several decades old now, and while the medium of games has seen numerous evolutionary changes and some of the audience has matured, there’s still one constant: it’s a business that is predominantly operated by and caters to males.

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PoSTedUP1683d ago

YES, thank you and i love you! this is basically what ive been saying. i think every woman should read this. and calling out discrimination on Every Little Thing only keeps its presents in the "now" instead of in the past, Especially when ppl overreact over everything just to get a spot on their soapbox. everyone is discriminated against online. youre getting it differently because of your genetics. while one person will get smack-talked bc they sound spanish, the other will be made fun of if they sound like a little kid, trust me ive heard it all and in the gaming community there is no exception, youre not special and its not gonna stop for Anyone. get use to it or get out (jk, please stay :)

best article ive read in a while. (have you been reading my comments??? o_O) jk, relax.

ElementX1683d ago

Another article about female gamers?

TheFreak1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Good read. Trash talking douchebags is a part of the online experience sad, but true. Play with friends or just mute people, that's what I usually do.

armyman_221682d ago

GREAT article!! I think it goes a long way and needs to be said and who better to say it than a female. I will say tho that internet gangsters need to stop. Feeling big behind a keyboard is the norm now. I think there have been some good leads in the gaming world, but we can always use more. Once again great article.