In Defense of Titanfall: Rise of a New Gaming Model

Titanfall could prove to offer gamers a more positive outlook on multiplayer focused games. Multiplayer focused games “make sense” for busy gamers.

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monkeyDzoro1678d ago

With this lack of content, there's no way I can support it. Lack of weapons, attachments... lack of everything. Why ? Because like with many MP games like this (I mean this game is just MP modes, it's not MMORPG style), they always want to charge us with tons of DLCs.
No way I'm defending this model.

wotta1678d ago

I think there are enough people defending Titanfall already.

pompombrum1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

For MP gamers which it's aimed at, it's fine. I'd rather a game knows what it wants to be and focuses on making it the best experience it can be. With Titanfall you have 15 maps all of which have their own distinctive feel. Hell I've pumped about 15 hours in since Tuesday and still haven't seen every map. To me that offers value and think it's money well spent. There is a lack of guns which is a little bit of a shame but at least it means every gun has a purpose as opposed to 10 different guns which offer variations of the same thing.

authentic1678d ago

The game will die out in a few months.

SolidGear31678d ago

What if you don't have internet like me? :(

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